Series 3 Episode 13 – Change of Heart

Kim, Laura and Joanne are not happy when Andrew, Erica and David present them with some new job proposals which include cutting back on general groceries in exchange for a pay rise.

KIM: New financial year, no financial crisis to get your head around, so you create one – for fun!

Kirsty arrives back in Cardale to see Andrew. She arrives with her baby Christopher and tells Andrew she has had a row with her boyfriend Tony. She tells Andrew he was the only person she could stay with as her parents are still mad at her for leaving Andrew.

David has to face some awkward questions from Emma and Tom regarding Claire. He explains that Claire is unhappy at the moment.

Kim, Laura and Joanne go into The Beeches after the pub closes and take back all their personal belongings including mugs, biscuits etc.

Andrew and Kirsty talk about Christopher, she tells him he wasn’t planned. There is obvious tension and she tells him she’ll leave Cardale as soon as she can.

David is feeling guilty that Andrew and Erica are sharing all the night calls, they tell him not to worry and just to concentrate on his family. Erica seems slightly put out when Andrew tells her that Kirsty is back. Andrew tells her things are difficult with the baby being around. Whilst put shopping Kirsty bumps into Erica and asks if she will have dinner with she and Andrew. Erica agrees.

David wants Claire to go on a different drug as he is seeing no improvement in her condition. Her specialist says she should stick to the drugs she is on, David asks if Claire can see the children but the specialist says no. Claire hurts herself when she throws a chair at the mirror in her room. David takes the kids to Laura’s and goes straight to the hospital. The doctors tell David that Claire has tried to hurt herself. The specialist finally agrees she can see the children and says perhaps Claire should be on a different drug. David sees Claire and tells her she must tell him when things start to get tough. She tells him she’s fed up in the hospital and just wants to see Emma and Tom.

Andrew is furious when Kirsty tells him that Erica is coming for dinner. He tells her that he likes Erica but Erica is not interested in him and that is tension between them at the moment.

ANDREW: This is going to be an awkward situation isn’t it? Involvement from the past one one side, hopeful involvement for the future on the other. I’m getting indigestion just thinking about it

Kirsty tells Andrew that she misses him. He tells her he does have feelings for her but it’s hard now that she has someone else’s baby. She tells him she still loves him, he tells her not to say that – even if it’s true. Erica tells Andrew that he and Kirsty seem just like a couple again, he says they probably always will appear like that. Erica gives him a hug, he tells her he may ask for another one before the day is out.

Andrew tells Kim, Laura and Joanne they can negotiate new proposals after he gets to work and finds there is no milk or coffee, apart from the three freshly brewed cups that Kim, Laura and Joanna have brought themselves!

Tony comes to Cardale to see Kirsty. they talk and sort things out. Kirsty thanks Andrew for letting her stay,. He tells her everything will be fine, they kiss and she leaves.

Andrew calls Erica and asks if she would like to come over – she says yes.

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