Series 5 Episode 10 – Tough Love

Andrew and Erica go to dinner together. Andrew tells her that Phil’s death has made him contemplate life, he tells her he has found something in his life that is important to him – her. As much as he tries to explain his feelings he messes it up making it sound like Erica could do a lot worse then him and that them living in Cardale is hardly placing them both in the Mecca of opportunity. Erica is offended, she says she won’t be another notch on his bedpost. She walks out on him.

ERICA: One lousy meal at a jumped up steak house and hey presto, another notch on your barely able to take the strain headboard

Claire is organising a medieval ball for charity and begins to rope in most of the locals; including James who has great trouble fitting into his knights costume!

On her way home from the restaurant Erica comes across a young girl Susan, in the road. She tells Erica she is a drug user and needs help. Erica takes her to the local youth hostel and tells her to come and see her at The Beeches tomorrow.

James asks David for advice on losing weight. David gives him advice on various diets and exercise.

Susan goes to see Erica but as she is on a house call she sees Andrew instead. He gives her the number of the local drug dependency unit in Derby but refuses to treat her. When Erica returns she is furious with Andrew as she wanted to treat Susan. Andrew tells her they can’t cope with the backlash of a drugs patient and says once word gets around that they are dishing out methadone they will have a queue of drug addicts outside their door.

The drugs issue is brought up in the practice meeting. Everyone agrees with Andrew – they should leave the situation up to the dependency unit.

Claire takes David and the children to a castle and tells them a rather dramatic ghost story. She scares the children and David becomes more concerned about her behaviour.

Susan’s boyfriend Mark arrives in Cardale. Erica tries to give her some more methadone but she is already high on drugs that Mark has given her. Erica takes Susan to a farm to do some voluntary work, Susan is thrilled at the chance and Erica thinks it will help her get back on the straight and narrow. However Mark is not impressed and threatens Erica with violence and tells her to leave Susan alone.

Tests that Erica had run on Susan come back and show that Susan has Hepatitis B. Erica tells her she must now kick the drugs and take care of herself. Andrew tells Erica she is only helping Susan because she wasn’t given a decent shot at life like Erica was when she was adopted. Erica tells him it’s not that, it’s because of the reason she became a doctor – to help people. She tells him she doesn’t know why he became a doctor.

A brick is later thrown through the window of The Beeches. Andrew tells the police he doesn’t know who did it but it’s obvious he is covering fro Susan and her boyfriend. The officer tells Andrew he’s got his suspicions as he has heard about Susan being kicked out of the hostel after her boyfriend started trouble here. Having rowed with Mark and been turned away from her dad, Susan takes a cocktail of pills and alcohol and ends up collapsing at her mums grave.

David, Emma and Tom are subjected to some nasty comments about Claire at the medieval party. Despite the night being a hit several party goers express their feelings that Claire is always ‘showing off’ and always has to be the centre of attention.

Some children find Susan in the graveyard and call for Andrew and Erica. Susan is taken to hospital whilst Erica returns home. She is greeted by Mark who forces his hands around Erica’s neck until she tell him where Susan is. She tells him she is at the hospital and he warns her once again to stop interfering. Shaken up, Erica calls Andrew and asks him to come round. He tells her he doesn’t want a fling with her, he wants a relationship. She says she doesn’t feel this is the right time for them as he has been all over the place of late – but she says there is hope.

ANDREW: But there is a glimmer of hope – surely you could tell me that
ERICA: Yeah I suppose there is

Erica visits Susan as she recovers in hospital. They find they have a lot in common due to their adoptive backgrounds. Erica visits Susan’s dad and tells him about Susan. He visits her and they agree that maybe they can have some sort of father/daughter relationship.

Claire tells David she heard some of the comments that were being said about her at the party. David tells her he’s proud of her for organising such a good night for everyone.

James continues his battle with his weight but Chloe tells him to stop, she loves him just the way he is!

Andrew and Erica talk about their relationship. She says there is no denying there is an attraction between them but that’s not enough for her, she tells Andrew he is the wrong man for her. He wants a reason from her and she tells him he’s fickle. He replies by saying Erica is too scared to commit to anyone in case she gets hurt. He walks out on her once again.

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