Series 5 Episode 12 – Priorities

Erica is offered the chance to apply for a new job as a researcher for a fitness related programme. Erica asks Andrew if he could look at her research paper for her, he says he doesn’t have time and asks her why she even asked him, he thought she had made her feelings for him perfectly clear.

Lee interrupts Chloe and James’ sleep by climbing into bed with them – he is sleepwalking! Lee visits Andrew to talk about is sleepwalking, but Andrew won’t prescribe anything except locked doors and handcuffs!

Alice returns home after having a hip replacement operation, she is determined to get herself back to fitness. David is not happy that she’s been sent home early.

David visits Claire but she irresponsive and doesn’t seem to notice he is there. She tells him she can’t sleep, he tells her it is a side effect of her drug and will pass with time. Claire keeps apologising for being in hospital, David doesn’t know what to say.

Erica sends nursing home manager Melissa for a scan as she been experiencing some bleeding. Erica’s initial diagnoses that Melissa is pregnant is wrong and the scan shows Melissa has a cystic mass on her ovaries.

Andrew visits Alice and is not happy with the care she receiving from Melissa’s nurses. He goes to see Melissa and explains that if he is unhappy with his patients treatment again the he will terminate The Beeches contract with her. Andrew, Erica and Kim talk about the state of the fund, Alice’s lack of care has lead to her needing more treatment and more cost. Andrew tells Kim and Erica not to worry about it, he’s spoken to Melissa about it and she’s said she’ll pick up the cost. Erica tells him she has just told Melissa she may have ovarian cancer and that his complaining was the last thing she needed.

Andrew visits David with a bottle of scotch. They talk about Claire. Andrew tells David he doesn’t have to get through it on his own. David breaks down and says he feels that it is his fault. David apologises for giving Andrew a hard time but Andrew says he’s probably deserved it, he says maybe they are not so different after all.

DAVID: She was the one person I should’ve been there for and I failed her

Melissa is told by Dr. Reeves that she should have her womb and both her ovaries removed as there is more chance of catching the cancer that way and stopping it from returning. Melissa tells Erica she will not be taking Reeves’ advice as she wants children. Melissa’s husband Alex asks for Andrew’s advice and Andrew says maybe Melissa is right and perhaps she shouldn’t have the full operation. Erica is furious that he’s gone against what the specialist has told Melissa.

Lee devises many ways to stop him sleepwalking, only he disturbs Chloe and James in the process. Andrew comes to the rescue when Gary provides him with the teddy bear Lee used to sleep with when he was younger. It works a treat!

Andrew apologises to Erica for talking to Alex, she expresses her concerns to him about starting a family of her own and tells him she feels her biological clock is ticking away. The Beeches have just scraped through on this years budget. Andrew tells Laura there is enough money to fund her burses practitioners course.

ERICA: Sometimes I lie awake at night wondering when I’ll be able to have a family

Erica turns down the researchers job. She asks Andrew if he’d like to go to the cinema with her, he happily accepts.

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