Series 5 Episode 14 – Fight or Flight

Claire is back home. However she still doesn’t seem well and hasn’t adjusted to being back at home. The Beeches crew head to Erica’s to celebrate her house renovations finally being finished but Claire feels left out when the others talk about things she doesn’t know about. She gets upset and walks out, David follows her.

CLAIRE: I had a friend who lost her baby when she was 7 months pregnant. Most of her friends didn’t know what to say to her so when they saw her they’d cross the road. I didn’t expect you lot to cross the road too.

Laura agrees to be medic for the rugby team Andrew is playing for. However at the practice matches Andrew is teased by his team mates. Even when Andrew scores a try – much to Laura’s surprise! – his team mates turn even colder towards him. When Andrew later takes a tumble one of the men tread on his ankle leaving Andrew with a badly sprained foot. Laura insists on taking him home but he wants to see Erica, as she promised she would be at the match and never turned up. As they drive to Erica’s they are passed by ambulances and fire crews – Erica’s house in fire!

Andrew and Laura watch in horror as the house crumbles to the ground. As the fire crew hold Andrew back from going inside the house, Erica arrives! Andrew asks her why she didn’t tell anyone where she was going. She says he’s not her keeper. He shouts at her and says he thought she was dead. Her whole house is ruined. Andrew tells her she can stay with him but she pushes him away.

Claire confronts David and asks him what he see when he looks at her – Claire or a crazy woman? He says Claire but after she gets hysterical he says he sees a crazy woman. The children witness their row and Claire shuts herself in the bedroom.

Erica does stay with Andrew and tells him that the fire was caused by her dodgy electrics. Andrew asks her if she is seeing someone else as she’s been so secretive lately. She explains that she is trying to find her natural mother, she wants to know where she came from and who she is.

ERICA: I think by finding her I might be able to find myself

Erica tells him the reason she has been pushing him away has been because she is scared f getting hurt. They kiss. Andrew tells her he thinks finding her natural mother should be her priority. He tells her to let him know when she’s ready for a relationship. She says she will.

ANDREW: We’ve waited this long to get it together, waiting a bit longer won’t make much difference

Claire arrives at The Beeches in a hysterical state. The school has contacted her and said that Emma and Tom have gone missing. David joins her search for the children but fails to stop her taking her own car out on the roads. Claire finds them near a disused railway track and takes them home. David and Claire decide to take a holiday to see Claire’s parents in Spain. David tells Claire he loves her. She says she loves him too.

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