Series 5 Episode 3 – Innocent Blood

David’s wife Claire arrives in Cardale with their children Emma and Tom. They are all staying at Will and Kate’s house while Will looks for a new place in Bristol for he, Kate, Charlie and Emily. Will tells Claire that he wishes Kate would take a break from the hospital as she hasn’t left Emily’s bedside since she was diagnosed.

Will asks Kate if she will come to Bristol for a break but she says no, she wants to stay with Emily.

Erica has a meeting with a drugs rep, however she is distracted by the sight of Andrew and Joanne sharing a drink at the bar.

David visits Paul Kelsey who is still unwell, suffering from nose bleeds and dizzy spells. David is more concerned about Paul’s behaviour when he sees him stealing from the shop his mum Linda works at. David tells Linda what he has seen and when she confronts Paul he has another nosebleed. Linda calls for Andrew who is on call. Andrew is concerned when he finds bruises on Paul and suggests to David that Paul may have Leukemia.

David and Claire cook dinner for Andrew, Erica, Kim, Laura and Joanne. Claire explains to them that she is a language teacher, a career she picked up from her Spanish father. David leaves the dinner early to visit The Kelsey’s – tests have shown that Paul is suffering from Leukemia.

David breaks the news to Linda and Brian. Paul is then admitted to hospital and is found to have pneumonia as well. The pneumonia places a delay on Paul’s tests to find out the exact status of Paul’s Leukemia.

Andrew has his work cut out with Derek, a man about to travel to South America. Derek is terrified of needles and therefore won’t have the necessary jabs. However as he and Laura are about to give Derek the needles he faints – making Andrew and Laura’s job much easier!

Will goes to the hospital and tells Kate he has found a place for them in Bristol. He wants her to go and see it with him but she won’t. She says if he’s happy with it then she will be too, she doesn’t want to leave Emily alone.

WILL: You’ve been living out of a suitcase the past few weeks
KATE: It’s better then doing night calls

Joanne asks Andrew out for dinner, he accepts. At dinner Joanne kisses Andrew, he tells her she doesn’t need the complications he brings with him, but she is not fazed and continues to make a pass at him.

Erica agrees she is out of her depth with the drugs rep business and hands it over to Andrew. He tells her that David has agreed to take The Beeches partnership when Will leaves.

Kate goes to Bristol with Will to see their new home. She likes it and they decide they have to focus on their future together in Bristol.

David feels inadequate that he didn’t spot Paul’s leukemia straight away but thanks to his words of wisdom Linda and Brian find a new lease of strength and look positive to fight Paul’s condition together.

CLAIRE: If they’re going to get through this you’re the best chance they’ve got

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