Series 5 Episode 5 – Classics

It’s Erica’s 30th Birthday and she’s upset – everyone’s forgotten. The day doesn’t improve when she, Andrew and David continue to argue. Andrew tells them their sentimental attitude stops them from doing the job properly. Erica tells him he should’ve got a job in a bank.

Andrew later apologises and gives Erica a birthday card. However when she opens it he hasn’t signed it. He asks what she is doing tonight and she replies nothing, he says he can’t go out with her as he is busy! David also gets Erica’s hopes up by inviting her to dinner – to discuss The Beeches reports! However both Andrew and David are plotting to hide the surprise party Andrew has organised for Erica.

David visits Paul Kelsey in hospital, he is now receiving treatment for his leukemia.

David and Claire prepare for the party. Andrew calls to say he will be late as his car has broken down. David offers to come and collect him but Andrew says he will fix it and be there soon.

A Beeches patient Frank, stops by and sees Andrew by the car. He offers to lend a hand. They have no luck in fixing the car and Frank says he will tow Andrew home. As Frank turns his car around a lorry approaches them and the distracted driver drives straight into Franks car; sending Andrew flying, landing on a metal toolbox. Andrew and the lorry driver Joey try to free Frank who is trapped in his car. Andrew makes a makeshift splint to keep Franks head still whilst he is in the car as they can’t get him out.

Claire and David panic when Erica arrives at the party early as no-one else has arrived! Then David is called out to see Paul Kelsey leaving Claire to entertain Erica.

Joey panics at the site of the crash and despite Andrew’s protests starts up the lorry’s engine to tries and move it. His actions cause a massive explosion and although Andrew pulls him to safety, Joey is left badly burned and the area around them also catches fire.

Andrew appears to be in a lot of pain but he only has one dose of painkiller left – he gives it to Joey who is still in agony from his burns. Still in pain Andrew lifts up his shirt to reveal heavy bleeding, he has no time to deal with it as he smells petrol. When he investigates he sees it is leaking from Frank’s car. Frank pleads with Andrew to leave him and get himself and Joey away from the car, but Andrew doesn’t listen and stays with Frank and pulls him out of the car.

Claire tells Erica that David is having trouble figuring she and Andrew out. Claire asks if if she and Andrew have had a fling. Erica says yes but there’s no chance of them getting together again as Andrew has changed so much since he got back from Manchester.

CLAIRE: So there’s no chance of you two getting together again?
ERICA: Not unless it’s in a boxing ring with a referee

Linda Kelsey has a virus which means she can’t go and visit Paul as it could be dangerous for him. She tells David how useless she feels, she wants to feel useful around Paul.

Whilst waiting for someone to spot them, Frank has an angina attack. Andrew is furious that Frank hasn’t told him he had angina. Frank says he didn’t want Andrew to think he was past it and useless. Andrew goes back into the burning car to get Frank’s angina spray. The car blows up and Andrew is thrown clear.

Erica receives a call from Lee. He tells her he is sick. She leaves Claire and goes to The Manor to see Lee. When she gets there she finds Lee and Gary hiding a duck in Lee’s bedroom. They ask her to treat it because it is sick! Reluctantly Erica agrees and finds a hook in the ducks mouth. James is not thrilled with his latest guest but says it can stay until the morning.

Frank’s angina worsens and he has a full blown heart attack. He collapses and stops breathing. As Andrew tries to save him Joey becomes hysterical and Andrew has to give him a sedative to calm him down. David calls Claire and she tells him that she still hasn’t heard from Andrew. David says he is going to look for Andrew as he should’ve fixed his car by now. David finds Andrew trying to revive Frank, he immediately starts to help Andrew and gets the defibrillator out of the back of his car. However as David isn’t the one on call it isn’t charged.

As the party guests gather at Claire house they are excited when they hear Erica pull into the drive way. Before Erica can get out of the car her mobile rings, it is David asking her to come to the scene of the accident. The awaiting party guests are confused to see Erica driving back out of the drive way!

Erica arrives at the scene just after the ambulance have taken Frank away. They assess Joey but he is dead. Erica has to slap Andrew out of his shock as he begins to blame himself for Joey’s death. Andrew travels in the ambulance with Frank, on their way to the hospital Frank loses his output and Andrew forces the paramedics to allow him to perform heart surgery on him. As they arrive at the hospital Andrew collapses.

ANDREW: Why does everything I touch turn to crap

The nurse tells Erica and David they suspect Andrew has a bleed on his brain. Erica is devastated. David tells her that Andrew had organised a surprise party for her.

After a long wait Erica is allowed to see Andrew. Erica tells him he should start looking after himself for a change. He tells her there is a present for her in the cabinet, she opens it, it is a calculator.

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