Series 5 Episode 6 – Lost Feelings

Andrew, Erica and David are all falling asleep at work due to The Health Centre cutting the night cover agreement. Erica suggests The Beeches start a co-op where they share night cover with five or six neighbouring practices.

David and Claire visit their friends Sally (played by Eva Pope who went on to be Nurse Claire Brightwell) and Nick Gillespie. Nick is in a wheelchair after an accident and he and Sally are currently trying for a baby through IVF. Claire confides in Sally that a few years ago she suffered from depression.

Alice notices Erica is looking tired and tells her that the reason she is not sleeping is because of ‘one eyed Willie’. Alice explains to Andrew and Erica that ‘one eyed Willie’ used to live in Erica’s cottage and hung himself in the attic.

On a house call to Nick and Sally, Erica notices some tension between them. She mentions it to David who dismisses her findings by telling her Nick just doesn’t like doctors since his accident. Nick is later admitted to hospital for a more serious infection then Erica originally diagnosed. David has a go at her about it and says she should’ve spotted it. Erica tells him he is too close to Nick and Sally to realise that they are having problems.

Erica hears noises at her cottage. It scares her so much that she leaves the cottage and books herself into a hotel – much to Andrew’s amusement.

Andrew and Erica sit down with David and tell him The Beeches can not fund anymore of Nick and Sally’s IVF treatment if their third attempt fails. David begs them not to give up on Nick and Sally but Andrew and Erica refuse. The meeting ends with David walking out on them and having doubts about the partnership.

David breaks the news to Sally who is devastated, however it is Claire who is most angry and tells David The Beeches shouldn’t be allowed to just stop Nick and Sally’s treatment. Claire’s erratic behaviour continues when she buys a cow!

Erica continues to hear noises at her cottage. Alice takes her to see Willie’s headstone and fills her in on Willie’s story.

After her last lot of fertility treatment, Sally does a pregnancy test which comes back positive. She tells Nick she’s pregnant but he fails to be as happy as she is. She later finds him out cold, he has taken a cocktail of pills and alcohol. He survives but refuses to talk to Sally.

David and Laura do not like the idea of a co-op. They don’t like the fact that other doctors from other areas will be seeing their patients. David tells Andrew and Erica that if they insist on going ahead with the co-op then he will have to rethink his position at the practice.

After seeing Nick at the hospital, David goes to The Beeches and finds Erica sleeping in her consulting room. She is too scared to go home! He tells her what has happened to Nick and apologises for his recent behaviour. He tells her he is willing to give the co-op a go. Erica tells him about ‘one eyed Willie’ and David gives her a lift home.

DAVID: I’ve been such a stupid, smug idiot. Doing what I think is best for everyone

Nick tells Sally their marriage is over. He is sick of her pity and tells her the baby isn’t a part of him and he doesn’t love her enough to love the baby. David tells Nick how stupid he is being. Nick tells him he is scared of being useless with Sally and the baby.

Kim and Joanne turn down Erica’s offer of dinner, Andrew however jumps at the chance. Andrew tells Erica that Willie actually died of a heart attack at Derby County. Their conversation goes way into the night and they both fall asleep. Andrew wakes up and places his coat over Erica before leaving and going home.

Sally collapses in pain and is rushed to hospital where it is feared she will lose the baby. The thought of losing both the baby and Sally shocks Nick into the way her feels, he tells Sally he loves her and the baby.

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