Series 5 Episode 9 – Borrowed Time

Andrew’s best mate Phil (series 4 ep 7) is told by his doctor that he has just days to live due to an aneurysm on his brain.

At a practice meeting Andrew takes a call from Gina. They plan dinner together. Erica tells Andrew and David that she would like The Beeches to offer a counseling service. Andrew gives her a straight no as he thinks The Beeches can’t afford it. The discussion turns into another row with David telling Andrew that he sounds like a one track record always going on about The Beeches finance.

Gina arrives at Andrew’s house – angry. He didn’t turn up at the restaurant and had also forgot to book them a table. She tells him that his house is a mess and she doesn’t need the hassle he brings with him. She tells him to forget their relationship and leaves.

David is called out to Paul again. His school friend has chicken pox and Linda and Brian are scared that Paul may be at risk.

Andrew gets a late night visit from Phil and is confused as to why he is in Cardale. Phil tells him he has come to give him some news – Kirsty’s new boyfriend has moved in with her and they are expecting a baby. Andrew is shattered. Phil tells Andrew that he’s sold out on his life, kissed away his marriage and his friends. Andrew doesn’t understand why Phil is acting like this and goes to work.

Kim and Laura are not happy with Joanne when she changes the reception system. The situation reaches breaking point when a prescription pad Joanne left on the counter goes missing.

Phil gives Andrew two tickets to Australia so they can fulfill their teenage dream. Andrew asks him why and Phil admits to him that he is dying.

Erica is left at the surgery alone as David has the day off to celebrate he and Claire’s wedding anniversary and Andrew is no-where to be found.

David and Claire go back to the hotel where they spent their wedding night. Claire is happy to spend time with David, alone.

Andrew and Phil decide to go to Australia. Andrew says he’s had enough of Cardale and Kirsty and is now ready to run away. However Phil changes his mind when he thinks of his daughter (played by Gary Mavers’ daughter Abbey) and Andrew tells him he is envious of the family life that Phil has. They go to a bar and re-unite their dream of being pop stars as they sing a rousing rendition of ‘The boys are back in town’.

PHIL: I thought you and Kirsty were going to last forever
ANDREW: So did I

Linda and Brian call out one of the co-op doctors when Paul develops a rash. But the doctor doesn’t have Paul’s notes nor does he know anything about Paul’s medical history and his recent battle with leukemia. The Kelsey’s try David’s mobile but it is switched off. The next morning David checks his mobile for messages and heads straight to The Kelsey’s house. Linda tells him how bad Paul has got, the rash has worsened and they have called for an ambulance.

Andrew arrives back at The Beeches to get some time off to take take Phil home to Liverpool. He is met by a furious Erica who tells him how unreliable he has been and says he can’t just not turn up for work whenever he feels like it. Andrew tells her he is not asking her for the day off – he is telling her he’s taking it off.

The hospital say that Paul’s lungs have become inflamed. They also run more tests as they think there may be a chance that the Leukemia has returned. Linda and Brian say this wouldn’t have happened if The Beeches hadn’t have become involved in the co-op as one of the doctors on call would’ve been Andrew, Erica or David who would’ve known about Paul’s condition.

Phil tells Erica about his condition and she persuades him to go back to Liverpool for the sack of his family. Andrew is touched and surprised by her sensitivity. Erica offers Andrew comfort and tells him to stay in Liverpool for as long as he needs to. He tells her that Kirsty is pregnant.

Kim and Joanne have a full scale row over the prescription pad. Andrew interrupts – he has them. He took them because he was fed up of looking for them in the new look reception area.

The hospital tell Linda and Brian that Paul’s Leukemia has returned. David tells Erica the co-op isn’t working as it is compromising their patients health. Erica admits it isn’t working and they agree they should pull out of the co-op.

Andrew and Phil return to Liverpool. Andrew tells Phil’s wife about Phil’s condition. He leaves them to a tearful reconciliation and heads back to Cardale after his own tearful goodbye with Phil – for the last time.

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