Series 6 Episode 7 – Body and Soul

Erica is concerned when Nick offers to cover for Andrew so he can go back to Liverpool. Andrew doesn’t want to go back and hasn’t called his family since he left. He takes Erica to lunch and gives her a bracelet his father gave him. He asks her to marry him. Erica tells him that this is not the right time to ask as his mother’s ill and he’s just left Liverpool. Andrew is angry at her and takes to being sharp with her for the remainder of the day.

Erica confronts Andrew about his sulking. She says they have to talk about it, he can’t continue to shut her out. He says he made a mistake proposing to her as he thought she felt the same way about him as he does about her. Erica says maybe she should move out, Andrew says yes, maybe she should.

ERICA: If there’s something that needs sorting out, something that’s a little bit difficult to deal with, just apply the Andrew Attwood method – run away

Andrew and Nick go for a drink. Andrew opens up to him about his mum and Erica, Nick tells Andrew that Erica confided in him about their relationship. Andrew tells him he has proposed to Erica. Andrew tells Nick maybe he should stay on at the practice for a while. Drunk and emotional Andrew finds that he has lost his keys. He goes to sleep at Nicks when he finds that Erica has removed the spare key from underneath the front mat.

The following morning Erica asks Nick where Andrew is. He tells her that he’s still in bed. Andrew arrives late and Claire is his first patient. She asks him what’s wrong. He explains that a patient he turned away last night took an overdose soon after and is now in hospital. Andrew changes the subject and tells Claire he’s supposed to be helping her – not the other way around. Claire asks if he and Erica can come to supper tonight, he says yes.

At supper Claire serves up a complete organic meal and lectures the others on the importance of good, clean food. David is alarmed at her obsessive nature over the food and becomes concerned when she and he children sleep downstairs because Claire says the beds are dirty. David ushers the children to bed and grabs Claire tight. He asks her what she is doing. She breaks down in tears.

CLAIRE: More organic wine anyone?

At the surgery Nick kisses Kim, but they break apart when David arrives. David tells Andrew to help with Claire as he’s worried about her. Andrew says he’ll talk to Claire’s psychiatrist. David tells Claire he thinks she should see the psychiatrist, she agrees saying she doesn’t want to put the baby at any harm.

Andrew apologises to Erica and tells her he has called his family, he’s going back to Liverpool.

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