Series 6 Episode 10 – The Ghost in the Machine

Andrew and Erica’s night out is ruined when David calls and asks Erica to cover his calls as Tom is ill.

Andrew meets with Rachel from The Health Centre to discuss ways in which The Beeches and The Health centre can share lectures and seminars.

Lee goes with Norman to play golf. Norman puts his back out of place again and Lee takes him to The Beeches. Andrew tells Norman to lose some weight to place the strain off his back. Norman is not impressed.

Erica calls her dad for advice about an asbestos case as he used to work in a big factory. Andrew tells her he could help but she snaps that his working class background does not give him the monopoly on life! In fact Erica is becoming increasingly jealous of Rachel calling Andrew and the lunch dates that the two are sharing.

When local factory workers begin to die from the same kind of illness, Erica’s suspicions are aroused. Erica is informed by one of her patients that Rachel knew of his asbestos case, she is surprised that Rachel hasn’t reported it to the health authority. The case spills over and Erica and Andrew argue about whether Rachel was right or wrong to not get involved.

The following day Erica asks Andrew if they can spend the day together. He tells her he is going to the car rally, she says that she doesn’t want to go there. Andrew says that’s good, because he wasn’t going to ask her!

Erica arrives at the car rally and finds Andrew obsessing over many cars! She tells him there is something she wants to say, something she hasn’t said before because the timing has been wrong. Erica asks Andrew to marry her, his response of a kiss says a definite yes!

ERICA: Before, when I said no, well it was really because of the timing not because of the way I feel about you
ANDREW: Sorry?
ERICA: What I am trying to say is….will you marry me?

Andrew stocks up The Beeches fridge with champagne. Rachel drops around and asks if Andrew could have lunch with her, he says no and is greeted by a kiss from Erica. As Erica goes to help the asbestos group fight their case Andrew breaks the news to David, Kim, Laura and Polly that he and Erica are getting married. They are all delighted!

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