Series 6 Episode 12 – A Child I Dreamed

Alice begins a one woman campaign to stop a new supermarket from being built. She thinks it will put the smaller shops out of business and also deny folk of a nice piece of countryside. She is told by the council that unless enough support is gathered at the proposed meeting then the reconstruction work will definitely go ahead.

Erica returns from Newcastle slightly touchy. She is angry with Andrew and David for not finding a replacement for Laura while she has been gone.

Chloe, Andrew, David, Claire and Norman join Alice at the meeting to stop the supermarket from being built. The council say they will provide buses for people with no transport to enable them to get to the supermarket. Alice is still not happy!

Andrew invites David and Claire to dinner much to Erica’s disapproval as she and David are caught up in a row over one of David’s patients being a surrogate mother for a couple who are on Erica’s list. Despite the Beeches not playing any part in the treatment, David has given the couple his blessing whilst Erica has dismissed them. Supper goes badly when the row continues and Erica surprises Andrew when she says she can’t understand the surrogacy row because she’s not actually bothered about having children. Andrew tells Erica he does want children, she tells him what she said at supper she only half meant.

Erica asks David if she has done something to upset him as she feels there is more to the atmosphere between them than just the surrogacy row. He tells her it’s Andrew – he’s a really nice bloke and he doesn’t want to see him get hurt. Erica is shocked at David’s
outburst and relations between them remain strained much to Andrew’s curiosity.

As the builders prepare to bulldoze the supermarket land they meet their match in Alice who has organised for half of Cardale to create a barricade! Her plan works as the council decide to go back to the drawing board!

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