Series 6 Episode 13 – Two Things Stand Like Stone

Kim, Claire and Polly start planning Erica’s hen night. Kim attracts attention from local taxi driver Billy who tells Kim he has noticed her behind The Beeches reception desk!

Erica’s dad Jackie comes to stay with she and Andrew and a heavy night of whisky drinking leaves Andrew with a very bad hangover.

JACKIE: If there was love there at the start then there’s hope for the future

Andrew tells David he sees him as a friend as well as a work colleague and asks him to be best man at the wedding. David says he would love to.

At home Erica gets angry with Andrew when she receives invitation confirmations from 10 of Andrew’s relatives in Ireland! She argues that he never sees them so why is he inviting them to the wedding, Andrew says for the reason she has just stated – he never sees them. Jackie intervenes, offers his opinions and takes Erica’s side, Andrew tells him it is he and Erica’s wedding and they will be organising it.

Andrew later apologises to Jackie and Jackie tells him he would like to contribute towards the wedding. However Erica tells Andrew she wants them to pay for the wedding themselves.

Billy returns to The Beeches and tells Kim he will get her a special deal on a cab for the hen night providing he’s the driver. However all is not well for Kim when Erica diagnoses her with the flu and tells her she has to rest in bed for a few days.

Dawn befriends a war veteran at the pub. He is going through a hard time and finds comfort in talking to Dawn. But it is clear that he fancies her and they end up at his place after a night out. Nothing happens between them and Dawn realises she is a very good listener and that not all men want her for just her body.

Chloe, Erica, Claire, Dawn, and Polly head off to Erica’s hen night. They pile into Billy’s cab and get no further then The Manor’s front gate before Kim arrives screaming at them to wait for her! She has partially recovered from her flu and doesn’t want to miss Erica’s hen night. The rowdy crew head to the casino where Dawn adopts Claire’s bump as her lucky sprog and Chloe and Erica get carried away with the tequila shots. Kim and Billy take the gentle option and take a walk outside so they can talk.

Andrew and David look after the kids and share a pizza and a few beers! David tells Andrew how happy he was when Emma was born, he tells him how wonderful it is to be a father and says he wouldn’t change it for anything.

DAVID: Being a father – it’s the best part of me. I can’t imagine life without my kids

Despite being drunk and half asleep, Erica offers her services as a doctor when a member of the casino staff calls for a doctor urgently. Erica follows them only to find that Claire has gone into labour on the stairs! Erica doesn’t realise what is happening and it is down to Billy to get Claire to the hospital.

With Claire and Kim in the back and Erica asleep in the front passenger seat, Billy drives to the hospital. As they get so far Claire tells him to stop as she is going to have the baby now. Kim and Billy stay by Claire’s side and help her to deliver the baby – it is a boy. When Erica wakes up she can hardly believe her eyes when she sees Claire cradling the baby in her arms.

David is woken by the phone. It’s Claire telling him she’s had the baby. They decide to call the baby William after Billy the hero taxi driver!

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