Series 6 Episode 14 – Once in a Lifetime

Andrew and Erica attend their wedding rehearsal. Andrew is a natural whilst Erica can barely say the vows because of her nerves. Erica goes to The Manor to stay there until the wedding is over. She and Andrew don’t want to tempt fate and decide to stay in different places. There is still a lot to do for the wedding and problems begin to arise. Andrew’s suit doesn’t fit him and the shop fitter tells him he’ll have it done by Saturday morning – the day of the wedding.

David watches Claire carefully tending to William. He tells her there have been times over the past 9 months when he didn’t think they’d make it this far. They are blissfully happy at last but their kiss is interrupted by William’s crying!

Chloe and James are put out when Erica tells them Andrew has got someone else to do the catering for the wedding. Sarah-Jane tries on her bridesmaids dress and goes into Erica’s room. Sarah-Jane is full of excitement but it doesn’t appear to be catching as it becomes obvious Erica is having some serious doubts about the impending wedding.

Norman arrives at The Beeches and asks Erica to be a professional referee on his behalf as the national pharmaceuticals are taking seriously a number of complaints to say he has broken patient confidentiality.

Andrew and David go to check out the band Andrew was thinking of hiring for the wedding but it soon appears the band have turned into a group of cowboy barn dancers. Dawn tells him that despite the disasters with the band and his suit all the guests are going for he and Erica and that’s what is important.

Claire organises dinner for herself, Andrew, Erica and David. Andrew and David arrive drunk. Claire finds them quite amusing but Erica is not impressed. Andrew and David tell them of their disastrous day trying to get things organised for Saturday. Erica says she doesn’t want her parents coming down to a sham . Things get worse when Andrew is keen to keep the honeymoon destination a secret from Erica. He wants it to be a surprise but she insists she needs to know where they are going so she knows what clothes to take. Andrew and David find her rage amusing and burst into laughter. Erica sees a side to Andrew she doesn’t like when she feels he is laughing at her.

Erica visits the church and dreams of she and Andrew’s wedding. She goes inside where she talks to a patient. He tells her that once in a lifetime you meet someone and suddenly everything makes sense, he says she must know that feeling as if she didn’t she wouldn’t be marrying Andrew tomorrow.

The wedding disasters continue as the caterers pull out due to a car accident. Andrew, David and Lee ring round trying to find a catering company but have no luck. David and Claire tell Andrew he should ask Chloe and James. Andrew doesn’t want to as he wants them at the wedding as his friends, he wants them to feel part of the wedding and doesn’t want them working on his big day. However David asks Chloe and James and they jump at the chance, asking Andrew why he didn’t ask them in the first place!

On the day of the wedding Andrew is woken early morning by his family arriving on his doorstep! He leaves them to get ready whilst he goes to get his suit. This time it fits perfectly but when he leaves the shop and gets into his car it won’t start! Andrew immediately starts to run towards the church but is stopped by a passer by who calls him into the chemist. Norman has collapsed and begs Andrew to stay with him until the ambulance arrives.

KIM: Bride or groom?
ALICE: I don’t know. I know them both equally

Dawn goes to Erica’s room and is surprised to see her sitting in her jeans with her wedding dress still on its hanger. Erica tells Dawn she can’t go through with the wedding – she doesn’t love Andrew enough. Dawn tells her it is obvious to everyone how much Andrew loves her but Erica says it feels like a mistake.

DAWN: Erica, with all due respect, you are bonkers. Anyone in their right mind would snap Andrew up – the man’s gorgeous

Andrew arrives at the church, out of breath but on time. David waits outside as Erica arrives in the bridal car. David goes into the church and tells Andrew to come outside with him. When Andrew comes out of the church Erica is standing there in her jeans. She tells Andrew she can’t go through with the wedding. She says she feels she doesn’t love him as much as she should. Their raised voices bring the congregation outside. Erica walks away but Andrew stops her and tells her she is breaking his heart. She says she doesn’t know if she belongs in Cardale but she does know she can’t marry him. He tells her in that case she can break the news to everyone.

ERICA: I don’t feel we belong together

Erica goes to the house. David answers the door and tells her Andrew doesn’t want to speak to her. She says she is taking her two weeks holiday as planned. David asks her if she will be coming back but Erica says she doesn’t know. Erica drives off, her car laden with bottles, cans and a ‘Just Married’ sign. Andrew sits alone holding both the wedding rings in his hands and remembers the first time he and Erica met. He closes his hands tight on their wedding rings…

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