Series 6 Episode 8 – The Spinning Wheel

Nick continues to charge patients for sick notes as well as extra night call charges. He also continues to make his way into the practice funds by offering to help Erica and David with the annual report. David is welcome of the help whilst Erica has her doubts. Her suspicions are further aroused when she sees Nick coming out of the chemist. It soon emerges that Nick has enlisted the help of Norman to aid him in committing prescription fraud. Norman makes him a list of the most frequently prescribed medications, whilst a naive Kim provides Nick with a new prescription pad when he tells her he has put his other one in the wash.

Rose’s doctor tells Andrew that Rose wants him to continue her treatment. When Andrew talks to his mum she asks him to help her die and that is the real reason why she asked for him to take over her care. When Andrew tells Chrissie she pressures him into helping Rose, she thinks it’s the least he can do. The Attwood’s gather around Rose’s bedside and have a final drink together as well as a laugh – at Erica’s expense!

CHRISSIE: Oh my God. Erica as a sister-in-law. That’ll be like Andrew marrying into the royal family

Nick is keeping pills at The Beeches to give to the patients. He tells them he has collected their prescriptions for them to save them the hassle. He then charges them for the trouble. Nick tells David he thinks The Beeches should be extended and that a fourth partner should be added.

David is called out to see a patient treated by Nick. She has had a severe asthma attack that has brought on by pills Nick prescribed her. David returns to The Beeches and tells Nick about what has happened. Their conversation is interrupted by Erica demanding to see Nick’s prescription pad. Kim and David reprimand her for it and don’t agree with her outburst. David looks at Nick’s pad and says it looks fine – not over used or underused. He tells Erica she should apologise. Erica asks why they can’t see through Nick and comment that surely Kim can see he’s a toad. Kim announces no she can’t, she and Nick are an item! Erica apologises.

Kim and Nick go out to dinner and Kim has to pick up the bill when Nick’s credit card bounces. He tells her his house may be reprocessed and tells her he needs £3000. He asks her if she could write him out a Beeches cheque for that amount. She reluctantly agrees and says as long as it’s paid back in a month then it should be fine.

Nick delays a patients call, when he eventually starts up his car to attend the emergency the car engine blows and he is delayed further. When he finally arrives at the call he is greeted by Erica and an ambulance crew. The patient, who earlier had a surgical procedure performed by Nick, has septicaemia. Nick goes to The Beeches alone and cuts the wire of the sterilising machine to make it look faulty. As he departs The Beeches he is greeted by his wife and children waiting for him in the car!

Nick tells David how guilty he feels about the septicaemia patient. He says maybe it was the sterilising machine that was at fault. Laura and David investigate and find the machine is faulty. However David is partially concerned when he sees a few patients with out of date pills.

Erica visits Norman who is unwell. He has panicked after reading a piece in the paper about NHS frauds. As she examines him she notices prescriptions burning in his fireplace. She puts the fire out and is about to leave when Norman collapses.

David confronts Nick about the drugs he has been giving patients. Erica arrive and David tells her that Nick has been giving patients different drugs without their consent. She in turn tells him about the prescription pads she found burning at Normans chemist. The situation worsens as Nick’s wife and children arrive in reception, Kim and Erica are horrified that his ‘sister in law’ turns out to be his ‘dead’ wife. David catches Nick trying to escape through The Beeches back window. David stops him by hitting him to the ground! Erica and Kim witness what has happened and Kim tells Erica she feels like a fool. Erica tells her she is not the only one Nick has conned.

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