Series 6 Episode 9 – Glass Houses

Claire questions David about his ex girlfriend Anna, due to the fact that David is seeing a lot of Anna because her husband Mac is unwell. Claire also questions Anna about she and David’s history – subtly. Mac visits David at The Beeches and is diagnosed with an ulcer due to his excessive drinking. However he tells Anna and his son that his illness has been caused by weed killer he has used. David has a quiet word with Anna and tells her that Mac will kill himself if he doesn’t stop drinking. The situation worsens when David is called out to see Mac after he cuts his finger. They find the finger is infected and it has to be amputated due to the drink affecting his circulation.

Dawn is trying to get her life back on track after tests show she is recovering from the cancer. Chloe gives her a job at The Manor and tells Dawn she knows what she is going through. Chloe tells her she’s got to start enjoying herself again. One of the locals asks Dawn out for a drink, she says yes but later tells Chloe she has lost her confidence. During the date Dawn gets cold feet and runs off. She tells Erica she’s worried about progressing in a relationship because of her scar from the operation. Erica tells her to take things easy, stop running and walk for a while.

DAWN: Me nervous? I don’t know the meaning of the word

Claire’s behaviour again causes concern and she goes to see Andrew. She rambles on about Anna and how she and David are old friends. Andrew stops her and asks if she’s alright, she tells him she has been feeling strange recently. He tells her it’s the hormones caused by the pregnancy. Claire tells him he is the only one who doesn’t make her feel like she’s losing her marbles.

David arrives home to find Emma and Tom on the doorstep. Claire has forgotten to collect them from school and they have walked home alone. His concern grows when Claire starts talking about how they are specially connected and that even when they are not physically together they are always together. David tells her he is taking Emma and Tom to his sisters house for a while. Claire is devastated.

Andrew tells Erica she was right about him proposing to her out of haste. He says they are fine as they are.

David tells Claire he is not trying to hurt her but thinks the children should be away from her for a little while. David tells Claire she has to go back on the medication. She tells him he has to leave her as she is carrying his and Anna’s baby. She is convinced she is carrying Anna’s child and tells David to pass Anna’s case over to Andrew. He explains that it’s not Anna’s case it’s Macs.

David tells Andrew he asked Anna to marry him when they were 21, she said no. David and Claire see Andrew together and Andrew lets it slip that he has offered to take over Macs case but David refused his offer. Claire storms out and tells David she is losing all trust in him. She returns home, packs a bag and leaves.

David tells Anna how much he used to love her and tells her that he spends so much time worrying about Claire he’s forgotten what it’s like to just be her husband. However Anna’s future is pledged to Mac when he rushed to hospital with suspected liver failure.

David tracks Claire down to a local hotel. He tells her they have to start over again.

DAVID: I’m not going to lose you Claire. I need you

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