Series 7 Episode 10 – No Bounds

Rob takes Ali to his work shed and shows her what he has made for the baby – it’s a rocking horse. Ali is in a lot of pain but covers it up by saying it is just the baby kicking. However as Rob is loading the rocking horse into their car, Ali collapses in pain. Rob phones and ambulance and calls for Sam.

Andrew, Dawn and Joanna visit a local barn to see if it is a suitable premises for their barn dance fundraiser. Dawn is truly caught up in making the evening a success whilst Andrew is displaying a negative attitude towards dressing up as a cowboy – Dawn and Joanna are not impressed!

Ali’s specialist tells Sam they need to perform a caesarean and a hysterectomy now. He tells Sam he must convince Ali and Rob to allow them to deliver the baby. However Sam is adamant that it should be Ali’s decision. Sam tells Ali and Rob that they need to deliver the baby, he tells them they must trust him and says the baby will have a good chance of survival. Ali and Rob are not convinced and discharge Ali from the hospital. Ali tells Sam that now things have got tough he has joined the other side and is going against their wishes. Ali tells Sam they can get through this without him.

Sam arrives at Joanna’s in the middle of the night. He doesn’t know what to do about Ali and Rob and tells her he still wants to support them. Joanna tells him that Ali is free to do what she likes and will be trying to do her best for her baby. Joanna tells Sam that Ali needs someone on her side.

Sam goes to see Ali and Rob and tells them he never meant to let them down. He tells them he still wants to help them through this. Sam listens to the babies heartbeat and is concerned when he hears a distressed irregular beat. He tells Ali and Rob they have to go to hospital. Ali refuses on the grounds that she thinks the hospital may try and force her to give birth but Sam says all they will do is check the baby is ok and if it is then they will come straight back home.

Joanna deals with Mr. Bowman who has fluid on the knee. Joanna drains it and tells Mr. Bowman he should go to hospital where he can receive a course of intravenous antibiotics but he refuses and says it will be fine now she has drained it. Days later Joanna visits Mr. Bowman at home and finds his knee has become badly infected from where he has tried to drain it himself using his own needle. She takes him to the community hospital where he makes friends with Ronnie.

Sam tells Ali and Rob that tests have shown there is a clot under Ali’s placenta. Sam tells them they have to deliver the baby now as it is in danger. Sam tells Ali she will have to have an anaesthetic before the caesarean, she is devastated as she wanted to see the baby being born. Rob explains to her that they always knew it would be like this when the time came for the baby to be born. Sam and Rob wait as Ali is taken into theatre and the caesarean is performed.

ALI: She’s only 26 weeks she’s not ready

The doctors deliver a baby girl, she is taken to the special baby unit whilst Ali’s consultant tells Sam of Ali’s condition. The cancer has spread to Ali’s bladder and the wall of the uterus. He tells Sam there is not a lot that can be done for Ali now and says it is a miracle that she has come this far. He gives her just months to live.

Sam sees Ali and Rob and tells them the cancer is worse then they thought. He says none of them could have guessed how advanced it had become due to the fact that no tests were performed on Ali. Ali asks Sam if she will be able to see her daughter turn one – Sam says no.

Sam wheels in the baby so that Ali can see her. Ali wants to hold her but the specialist won’t allow the baby to come out of the incubator. Sam begs the specialist to just let Ali have this one precious moment but the specialist refuses as it could harm the baby.

The barn dance gets underway with The Beeches crew at the centre of attention. Dawn especially looks the part and is thrilled when Andrew turns up – even though she laughs at his cowboy shirt.

Sam returns to The Beeches and finds a costume on his desk that Joanna has left him. However he is interrupted by a call from the hospital saying that Ali has taken a turn for the worse. Sam arrives at the hospital and asks the nurse what has happened to Ali, he is told that Ali died a few minutes after they called him. Sam takes a seat next to Rob who is in shock. Rob thanks Sam for all of his support and tells him he must never ever question what he did for Ali as it was what she wanted. Sam told Rob that Ali loved him and that she wouldn’t have been able to give their daughter a life without his strength.

ROB: I’ve got a whole life ahead of me without her

Mr. Bowman gives Joanna a large amount of cash and tells her it’s for the hospital. He says he can see it’s a good place and tells her he has no other uses for his money. Joanna thanks him with a kiss.

Joanna makes a speech and thanks everyone for their time and effort. She announces that the community hospital has been granted a stay of execution and have agreed to the proposal that the community take over the hospital. All eyes are on Andrew and Dawn as they waltz down the centre of the aisle and come very close to sharing a kiss.

After the barn dance has finished Joanna goes outside to find Sam beside his car. She only needs to look at Sam to see he is devastated by what has happened to Ali. He breaks down and sobs as she holds him in her arms.

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