Series 7 Episode 11 – Take Her Back

Although both at obvious loose ends for the impending weekend, Andrew and Dawn fail to make plans together. They leave Friday surgery with a pleasant ‘have a good weekend’ and a smile.

We witness Sue Fielding breaking into a empty cottage when her daughter Louise complains of feeling ill and thirsty. However Louise’s real name is Sarah but Sue tells her she must now answer to the name of Louise and in return call Sue ‘Mummy’. Sue calls The Beeches and asks for a home visit, she gives the cottage address as her own and says her daughter is in urgent need of treatment. Joanna takes the call and drives out to the cottage. She diagnoses ‘Louise’ with a urine infection and prescribes some tablets. However when testing the urine sample back at The Beeches she becomes concerned and returns to the cottage.

Joanna tells Sue that ‘Louise’ is a Diabetic and says that she needs hospital treatment. Sue is not happy to take ‘Louise’ to Derby County and says they will drive back up to their home in Scotland and go to their own local hospital. Joanna goes back upstairs to check on ‘Louise’ and Sue follows close behind. As they enter the room they see that ‘Louise’ has taken a bottle of medicine out of a bag – Sue shouts out ‘Sarah’ and Joanna is alarmed about the sudden name change. ‘Louise’ explains that she got the medicine out of the bag because they are dying tonight.

Joanna returns downstairs to fetch ‘Louise’ some water and begins to dial out on her mobile. Sue comes down and asks Joanna what she is doing. Joanna explains that ‘Louise’ does need to go to the hospital and says that she is calling for an ambulance. Sue demands Joanna gives her the phone but Joanna refuses, Sue takes a knife from the sink and points it towards Joanna. Joanna hands Sue the phone and Sue throws it on the water filled sink.

Joanna tries to make Sue realise how important it is that ‘Louise’ get hospital treatment but Sue, still holding the knife, tells Joanna she must treat her and make her better here. Sue also asks that Joanna hands over her car keys, Joanna does so before nervously returning upstairs to check on ‘Louise’s’ progress.

Andrew asks Sam if they can go for a drink. Sam apologises for being slack at work over the past few days but says he is still affected by Ali’s death. Andrew tells Sam that he and Joanna would like to take him on a six month trial, leading to a future partnership. Sam is delighted and happily accepts. They are interrupted by Andrew’s phone, it’s Dawn saying that Shane has a bad cough and she is worried about him. Sam says he’ll take a look at Shane seeing as how he is on call but Andrew insists that he visit Dawn and Shane.

Joanna probes Sue about ‘Louise’. Sue explains she is her daughter but doesn’t know anything about her because ‘Louise’ has been living with her in-laws as Sue has been unwell. Joanna stresses once again that ‘Louise’ needs to go to the hospital but Sue says she is lying about the seriousness of ‘Louise’s illness. Joanna says all she can do is set up a drip to provide ‘Louise’ with fluid, but notes that will only buy her time.

After she has attached the drip, Joanna returns downstairs and makes it clear she has done all she can. Sue drops the knife and asks Joanna to help her do whatever necessary to save ‘Louise’. Joanna grabs ‘Louise’ and rushes her down the stairs towards the car. Sue follows behind but trips and falls down the stairs. Joanna lays ‘Louise’ on the sofa and goes back to treat Sue who is bleeding heavily from her arm. Sue tells Joanna to put her gloves on – she’s HIV positive.

Joanna doesn’t have any gloves but checks for cuts or abrasions before she treats Sue. Sue explains she caught the virus from ‘Louises’ dad. He had an affair and left Sue with the virus. However his parents always blamed Sue for his death and refused to let her see ‘Louise’.

Andrew diagnoses Shane with croup. He says the best treatment is for Shane to be in a warm, steamy environment. Andrew and Dawn take Shane into the bathroom where they turn on the hot water to create steam. Dawn explains that Trent and Lulu are with their Dad for the weekend. Andrew tells her he is impressed by the way she copes with being a single mum and holds down a full time job. With Shane asleep Andrew and Dawn put him to bed and Andrew leaves. He tells Dawn to call him if Shane gets worse or if she’s worried about anything. He goes out the door only to return seconds later with a kiss for Dawn. They end up in bed and contemplate the theory behind mixing work with pleasure.

ANDREW: How come you didn’t call Joanna or Sam?
DAWN: I’ve already slept with Joanna and I’m saving Sam for the future

As they drive to the hospital, Joanna gains sympathy for Sue and the fact that she wants to be with her daughter so much. She suggests that maybe Sue should try and talk to her in-laws and find a compromise which will allow her to see ‘Louise’. Sue says after the incident with the knife there is no way she will be allowed to see ‘Louise’ again – Joanna replies that she didn’t see any knife.

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