Series 7 Episode 13 – The Nature of Things

Dawns key breaks off in the lock as she tries to open the door to The Beeches, forcing Andrew to kick the door down!

SAM: What happened to the door?
JOANNA: The senior partner kicked it down

Dawn tells Sam his initiation test has arrived in the shape of Alice North. Alice gives him a hard time throughout the whole consultation, but Sam takes it in his stride and Alice is chuffed that The Beeches seems to have scored itself another good doctor.

SAM: What medication are you currently taking?
ALICE: What’s all that stuff on you desk?
SAM: Notes
ALICE: My notes. Might I suggest you look at them

Andrew is called to his solicitors. When he arrives he is surprised to see Claire Shearer there and even more surprised when she rejects his friendly welcome of a kiss. Claire’s solicitor announces that Claire is back to claim David’s share in the practice. The solicitor explains that as David also brought out Erica’s share he owns 66% -the larger share of The Beeches.

After the meeting Claire tells Andrew that she has come to Cardale to sort things out before she and the children begin a new life in Spain. Andrew says they could have settled this as friends but Claire is adamant that she is only claiming what is rightfully hers.

ANDREW: Do you think David would’ve approved of what you’re doing?
CLAIRE: Do you think I approved of what he was doing

Andrew tells Joanna what has happened and says that the only way around this is to buy out David’s share. He asks Joanna if she will come in 50/50 with him. Joanna is unsure and tells Andrew it’s a big decision for her to make – however she is interested and says she will think about it.

Claire has another meeting with her solicitor and he tells her that they could get £300,000 for The Beeches if they put it on the market as a residential building. Claire is not convinced and says they should just take what is rightfully hers but her solicitor insists on claiming for more.

Bridget starts work as The Beeches new practice nurse, combining her job at the community hospital.

Alice and Claire bump into each other at The Beeches. Alice finds it hard to talk to Claire as she feels guilty about what happened between David and Patricia. Alice apologises to Claire and says she is sorry for what happened to her. She says she didn’t deserve to suffer like that and wishes Claire all the luck in the world. Claire responds to Alice’s good nature and agrees to meet Andrew.

Claire tells Andrew The Beeches will be valued as a residential building which means it will double in price. Claire tells Andrew that she is only doing it for the children and tries to make him understand that now David has gone so has her sole income.

Andrew tells Dawn how much The Beeches means to him, he says he’s tried so hard to make a go of things what with all the comings and goings. Dawn goes to see Claire and explains that she knows what she’s doing is for the children. She tells Claire she doesn’t see her as a villain. Claire tells Dawn how guilty she feels about Andrew losing The Beeches but explains that she needs all the help she can get for children’s future.

Andrew holds a practice meeting and tells them all that he has no other option other then to sell The Beeches. Even if Joanna were to agree to be a partner they still couldn’t afford to buy out David’s share now that The Beeches is being valued as a residential property. Andrew says that he will be looking for somewhere temporary to work from and then leaves the meeting when the emotion gets too much for him to handle. Dawn follows him out and tells him not to leave things on a bitter note with Claire.

Andrew tells Sam not to feel guilty about looking for a job elsewhere. He tells him he doesn’t expect him to stay at The Beeches under the circumstances. Sam tells him he doesn’t want to work anywhere else, he wants to stay in Cardale. He asks Andrew to let him help.

Andrew and Claire meet at David’s grave. She tells him she never got the chance to resolve things with David and feels that everything that rooted her to Cardale is now gone. Claire says she misses David and still wakes up at night expecting him to be beside here. Claire asks Andrew to stay in touch – he says he will. Claire leaves Cardale after saying one final farewell.

Sam takes Andrew to a disused hut he has found, he thinks it may be appropriate as a new premises for The Beeches. Andrew and Dawn arrive at the pub together and finally the secret is out that they are a couple much to everyone’s relief. Joanna tells Andrew that she would like to be a full partner in the practice if he still wants her – he welcomes her on board.

Andrew and Sam take Dawn, Joanna and Bridget to the worn down hut. Andrew tells them that he is hoping the hut will be their new premises. It’s the end of an era as Andrew, Dawn, Joanna, Bridget and Sam gather outside the new Beeches surgery……

ANDREW: Do you think it’s got possibilities at least?
JOANNA: I think it’s got great possibilities

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