Series 7 Episode 5 – Passion

The Beeches crew attend a saxophone recital of Steve who is an old school friend of David’s. At the reception Claire needs a hand with William but David is nowhere to be found. Joanna offers her assistance and Claire asks her if she could get the baby bag from David’s car. Joanna goes to David’s car and overhears he and Patricia making plans to meet up. Steve also witnesses a clinch between the two and it is clear that Alice is fully aware of what is going on between David and Patricia.

Andrew is upset to hear that the community hospital is closing down. He appeals to David and Joanna for help in saving it but David is paying no attention to the conversation and Joanna isn’t sure how they can help.

Nikki is missing being in America, she tells Alice she is missing her father and her friends. Alice tells her not to worry as now she is healthy again she will be going home very soon.

Alice makes an appointment to see David. She tells him she is not sick but wishes to speak to him. She says she knows Patricia is happy and she is glad about that but she doesn’t want to see Nikki get hurt. She inadvertently tells David that she knows about his and Patricia’s affair and tells him to think carefully before he gets involved in something that could see a lot of people get hurt.

David and Patricia go to a hotel together, he tells Claire that he is on call and Joanna that he is having dinner with a drugs rep. Whilst David is gone Claire receives a phone call from Mel, Tom is friends with her son and is staying over at their house tonight. Mel tells Claire that Tom isn’t very well and asks if she could come and collect him. As she has been drinking and Emma and William are asleep, Claire calls David in the hope that he can collect Tom. However when she calls David his mobile is switched off. She tries the night call line and is surprised to find that Andrew is on call and not David. Claire picks up Tom and takes him home.

When David returns home he is surprised to find the children in bed with Claire as he knew Tom was sleeping at a friends house. The following morning he asks Claire what happened with Tom. She tells him what happened and David asks why she didn’t call him – Claire tells him she did.

Alice tells Patricia that she needs to sort out her marriage as Nikki needs to be at home with her dad and her friends. She tells Patricia that David will go back to his family and she’ll be left with nothing. Patricia says she is in love with David but Alice tells her what she and David are doing is wrong.

ALICE: Everyone’s got a right to be happy

Steve tells David that he knows he is seeing Patricia. He tells him that eventually he will have to choose between Claire and Patricia. David is adamant that he loves Claire but Steve asks him if that is enough. Is Claire his passion?

Nikki’s dad calls her and after their conversation Nikki is upset, she wants to go home. Patricia realises it’s time to go and tells Nikki she is taking her home.

Joanna gets to see how important the community hospital is to Cardale when she watches Georgie caring for a young boy who needs respite care. She tells Andrew they should get behind the campaign to save the hospital. Andrew says they should but reinforces the fact that David isn’t interested. Joanna says David will be fine once his personal problems are sorted out. Andrew asks her what she means by that but she says it’s not her place to say. Joanna tells Andrew if he wants to know what is wrong with David then he has to ask David.

Patricia tells David she is going back to America. For a split second they both realise it is the right thing to do as they are being selfish in continuing their affair. However moments later David is back at Patricia’s house.

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