Series 7 Episode 6 – Map of the Heart Part 1

Andrew organises a practice meeting and pushes David for confirmation that he will be attending.

Ronnie has taken a shine to Bridget and sets about chatting her up, however she seems more interested in Andrew when he arrives at the hospital to check on Ronnie’s progress.

Joanna is dealing with surgery alone as David is seeing Patricia. Patricia tells David that she is leaving for America in two days time. She’s confused and asks him what they are going to do. Back at The Beeches Dawn doesn’t want to get David in trouble by alerting Joanna to the fact that David is late. She goes into David’s office and calls him on his mobile telling him to get back to the surgery immediately. As she puts the phone down a drop of water falls on David’s desk. As quick as she mops it up another drop appears and soon she notices a puddle of water emerging. Within seconds reception is full of Dawn’s screams as the ceiling to David’s office caves in on her. Chaos proceeds the disaster with Andrew and Joanna frantically trying to keep things together. Andrew is furious that David isn’t present and insists that tonight he and Joanna must finally sort out David’s commitment to the practice. Things get worse as the water goes in to the electrics and the system blows. Andrew tells Joanna to evacuate The Beeches.

ANDREW: This place is falling down around our ears literally

David arrives home and finds that Claire has booked a holiday to Madrid so that they can take William to see her parents. She tells David they need to get away and talk to each other but he rejects her kiss and tells her he has to meet Andrew and Joanna. His plans are interrupted when the Day Care owner arrives and tells David that Jason (s6 ep3) has gone missing.

Andrew tells Joanna to find Liam and to also leave a message at the restaurant to alert David to the fact they will be late. Joanna finds Liam mid darts tournament at the pub. She orders him back to The Beeches in front of a rowdy crowd who are screaming for a piece of her beside manner!

David finds Jason and tells him he has to go back to the day centre. Jason doesn’t want to and runs off leaving David to follow him in the pouring rain. They argue as David phones the day centre to tell them Jason is safe but stubbornly refusing to go back there.

DAVID: Nothing in life stays the same, no matter how much we want it to

The Beeches crew are still working trying to repair some of the damage. Dressed in full nurses attire due to her soaking clothes, Dawn attempts to turn on a light switch but is pulled away by Andrew who has her in a compromising clinch. He explains to her that the water behind the electrics could have given her an electric shock.

Andrew and Joanna head to the restaurant but are unable to reach David on his mobile. They leave Dawn, Georgie and Liam at The Beeches to clear up the rest of the mess.

As David and Jason walk back to David’s car a motorbike heads in their pathway. David shouts at Jason to get out of the way but the bike speeds towards David and knocks him flying over the bike, landing him on a stone hedge. David is briefly unconscious but wakes up to tell Jason to get get help by going to the car and pressing the horn.

At the restaurant Andrew and Joanna are growing frustrated by David’s non appearance. Andrew calls David’s mobile and is surprised when another voice answers. It is Jason, he tells Andrew that David is on the floor after a motorbike hit him. Andrew tells Jason to take the phone to David and cover him with a blanket. He tells Jason he must not let David go to sleep. Andrew and Joanna listen attentively as Jason hands the phone to David. David tells Andrew where they are. He says he received a knock on the head and lost consciousness for a while, he tells him his vision is blurred and his leg which is at 30 degrees, is giving him a lot of pain. He also says he can’t feel his foot.

As Andrew and Joanna rush to the scene David loses consciousness again. Joanna alerts the emergency services whilst Andrew uses his knowledge of Cardale to take a short cut to reach David.

When they arrive at the scene Joanna checks the motorbike driver – he is dead. David regains consciousness but Andrew and Joanna fear he may be bleeding into his brain. David tells them both he is sorry for everything but Joanna tells him to hold the apologies for later. Joanna realigns Davis leg and takes Jason back to the car to wait for the ambulance.

David tells Andrew he is leaving Claire to be with Patricia. He tells Andrew that when Patricia came back it was like a light being switched back on, he tells him that everything he has hoped for is in her. He says he has tried to do his best and not let anyone get hurt but can no longer fight what he is feeling. He asks Andrew to promise him that he will tell Patricia what he has just said. Andrew says David should wait and think about it for a while but David is adamant that Andrew should promise him, Andrew reluctantly promises him.

DAVID: When did you last lie back on a cloudless night and just look at the stars

David stops breathing. Andrew begins cpr and when Joanna sees what is happening she gets out of the car and joins Andrew. Whilst Andrew continues cpr Joanna checks for David’s vital signs but finds none. Andrew begs David not to let go but Joanna already knows it is over. She steps back and watches as Andrew eventually gives up and sits back. David is dead.

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