Series 7 Episode 8 – Before the Lights Go Out

Andrew notices that Dawn is beginning to suffer from working at The Beeches during the day and at the pub at night.

Dr Sam Morgan arrives in Cardale as David’s locum. Whilst settling in at The Manor he bumps into Andrew, Dawn and Georgie, they introduce themselves as his new colleagues and Andrew welcomes him to Cardale.

On Sam’s first day Joanna tells him he won’t be able to see all of David’s patients as some of them are still affected by his death and prefer to see Andrew. She tells him she is still new herself and feels that Andrew can give those patients still grieving for David what they need. Sam is keen and eager to get started but a flippant comment towards Andrew on how David’s death must’ve affected him more then most, causes tension between the two. Andrew tells Joanna that he thinks Sam is ‘too young’.

Sam’s first patient is Alison Sinclair who is pregnant and experiencing cramps. Sam does an ultrasound and is pleased to see the baby is doing fine. However when Sam says he would like to do an internal examination Alison declines, telling Sam that her previous doctor hurt her once during an internal examination. She also tells Sam that she hasn’t had a smear test for 10 years. Sam uses a gentle approach and tells her that he’ll take the procedure very slowly and if at any time she feels pain then they can stop and start again when she’s ready. Alison agrees and Sam thanks her for not screaming on his first day in his new job!

Sam finds a growth on Alison’s cervix, he is nervous about it but Andrew tells him not to jump to any conclusions until he knows the full result.

Joanna goes to the hospital to visit her old colleagues and to ask for a favour. She talks to a Dr. Sims and asks him to take on the case of one of her patients Mr. Kappel, who needs a knee operation. She says he needs the operation urgently but the waiting list is too long. Dr. Sims agrees he will push her patient up the list. Joanna thanks him but asks him to be sure Consultant Dr. Bentley won’t mind. Dr. Sims tells her he now has a new consultant – Martin Henderson. At The Beeches Joanna tells Andrew that she thinks Martin may refuse to do the operation due to the fact that Mr. Kappel has Alzheimer’s disease.

Sam asks Andrew for some advice. He tells him that tests have confirmed that Alison has cervical cancer. Sam says he is not sure how to handle it because of the fact that Alison is pregnant. Andrew tells him to present the facts to Alison and take it from there.

Dawn leaves The Beeches early because there is a problem with her childminder. Andrew tells her that he doesn’t think it is a good idea for her to work at the pub as well as The Beeches. He tells her most of the customers she serves are Beeches patients and says he doesn’t think they will feel comfortable with the fact that she knows about their medical problems whilst serving them a pint. Dawn tells him she’ll leave and Andrew agrees it’s the right thing to do and says he’s glad she’s made that decision. Dawn surprises him when she announces she’ll be leaving The Beeches – not the pub.

Joanna tells the Kappel family that her request for the operation has been turned down because of Mr. Kappel’s Alzheimer’s. They are disgusted by what she has told them but Joanna makes it clear the decision was not down to her.

At the pub Andrew tells Joanna that Dawn quit. He says he thought she was happy at The Beeches and doesn’t understand why she prefers working at the pub. Joanna explains that she thinks the reason behind Dawn’s decision is the fact that the pub is paying her more. Joanna tells Andrew that Dawn has three kids to consider – she tells him to give Dawn a pay rise and an apology.

Joanna goes to see Martin at the hospital. At first he turns her away because she doesn’t have an appointment but when she says she’ll wait he postpones a meeting for her. She says she needs to talk to him about Mr. Kappel. Martin explains his reasons for refusing to do the operation but Joanna is not convinced. She tells him she really didn’t want to come grovelling to him but didn’t have any choice. Their stern stand off with each other soon melts and Joanna agrees to have dinner with Martin later that evening.

Sam tells Alison that she has cervical cancer. He says it’s hard to tell the true extent of the cancer because of her pregnancy and the fact she hasn’t had a smear test for 10 years. Sam offers to visit her house and explain to both she and her husband Rob what will happen next.

Andrew visits Dawn at home. He tells her he doesn’t want her to leave The Beeches as everyone he cares about leaves and he doesn’t want her to go too. He tells her he thinks she’s done a great job at The Beeches and can’t imagine walking in every day and not seeing her there. He tells her he is going to give her a pay rise and Dawn agrees to stay. As she shows her thanks by giving him a kiss on the cheek, Andrew turns his head and Dawns attempts of a friendly kiss turn into something more.

Joanna arrives late for her date with Martin. She refuses to let him drive and says she’d rather have her own car with her. He says he is happy to drop her back here after dinner but insists that he drive as he knows the way to the restaurant he has booked. Joanna tells Martin if he insists on turning this into an argument then he is going to freeze to death waiting for her to vacate her car. He eventually gives in and they head to the restaurant. Joanna tells him more about Mr. Kappel and his need for the operation, as they continue to drive Martin doesn’t recognise the location – Joanna has brought him to a pizza parlour!

MARTIN: If you insist on driving then you’ll just have to follow me
JOANNA: You know I was never any good at that

Martin tells Joanna they need to clear the air before they can talk about Mr. Kappel. He tells her he is sorry for not speaking up for her when she was scrutinised for taking the air ambulance out to Ronnie. He says he didn’t support her because she hurt him when she called off their relationship. Joanna says she had to end it as Martin wanted too much, he says that’s not true – he just wanted more then she was willing to give.

Joanna drives Martin back to where his car is, as he gets out the car he asks her to spend the night with him. She is shocked and tells him he can’t be serious – Martin tells Joanna he is still in love with her.

Sam visits Ali and Rob. They tell Sam that their main concern is for their unborn baby. They appeal for Sam’s honesty and ask what will happen to the baby. Sam tells them that tests and treatment could damage the baby and possibly kill it. He also tells them that if Alison were to recover there is little chance of her getting pregnant again due to the treatment. They thank him for his honesty and tell him they will not be taking any risks with the baby – they don’t want Ali to receive any treatment that could place danger over the babies life. Sam tells them he respects their decision and asks if he could see it through with them.

Martin takes Joanna her favourite sandwich and apologises for last night. He tells her he has changed his mind about Mr. Kappel and will perform the operation. He tells her he is doing it for her and not because he believes in Mr. Kappels case.

Sam tells Andrew he wants to be a part of Cardale to see the pregnancy through with Ali and Rob. Andrew tells him he and Joanna like the way he has handled things with the Sinclair’s and want him to stay on.

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