Series 7 Episode 9 – Fighting Chance

Rob goes to see Sam at The Beeches. He is beginning to doubt the decision he and Ali have made and is starting to wish that she would have the treatment for her cancer.

The Beeches crew are not happy when they find out the community hospital is still being threatened with closure. They have a meeting with Bridget and Joanna surprises them all by suggesting that The Beeches should buy the hospital. She says it’s a community hospital and thinks they and the community should pay for it. They decide to stage a public meeting and Ronnie agrees to speak about the need for the hospital.

Ronnie finally gets his artificial leg, Bridget helps him adjust to it and tells him he has to takes things slowly and not over exert himself.

Alison tells Sam that she is starting to feel ill and says she is getting scared. Sam tells her if they deliver the baby now it wouldn’t survive – Ali sticks to her guns and refuses to have treatment that will harm the baby. Together with Rob they go to the hospital for a scan. Rob doesn’t want to know the babies sex and walks out of the room. Sam follows him and Rob tells him that knowing the babies sex would make it real and he doesn’t want that. He says he wants the only thing that has ever been real to him – Ali.

ROB: My face can’t hide what my heart’s feeling

Sam comments to Joanna how much the patients miss David. She says it takes times to win patients trust but tells him to go with his instincts. He is grateful for her advice and support.

Joanna visits the hospital to see Ronnie and chart his progress. He has an infection in his wound due to the fact he has been using his artificial leg too much. He tells her he feels like a freak and says he won’t be talking at the public meeting.

Dawn asks Andrew if he will be driving to the meeting as if he is he can give her a lift. He agrees and Dawn leaves his consulting room extremely pleased!

The meeting goes ahead with Andrew, Joanna and Bridget trying their hardest to explain the importance of the community hospital – however their pleas for help in saving it fall on deaf ears until Ronnie arrives. He explains how he has no family and had no-one to turn to after his accident except the people at the community hospital where he found a family. He gains a round of applause and The Beeches gain support for their project.

RONNIE: We all need a refuge

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