Episode 8 Episode 7 – Close to Heaven Part 1

Andrew and Sam attend the inquest of Beeches patient Mrs Machin. Andrew successfully gives his medical opinion on Mrs Machin’s death, however Sam fails to produce medical records to back up his own opinion. The inquest is postponed until Sam can get the records. Andrew is furious at Sam’s incompetence and insists he gets Dawn to fax over Mrs Machin’s entire medical history. Neither Andrew or Dawn are impressed with the hold up as they were due to meet for lunch.

BRIDGET: Perhaps he’s decided to take Sam to lunch instead of you
DAWN: Not if he values his life he hasn’t

Teenager Rachel visits Joanna. Rachel has been experiencing headaches and blurred vision. Joanna wants her to have a CT scan as Rachel has previously had a brain tumour. Rachel leaves the surgery and tells Joanna she will go home and tell her father the situation before going for her scan.

When the inquest finally finishes Andrew and Sam are barely on speaking terms. Andrew thinks Sam was too precise and handled a straightforward inquest in a complicated manner. Sam argues that he was just relaying the facts as he saw them. On their way back to The Beeches in Andrew’s car they are stopped in the road by a distraught woman. She takes them to a nearby river where her husband Simon is unconscious after their paddle boat collided with some forestry. Andrew and Sam go into the river whilst ?????? calls for an ambulance. The water is deep but Andrew and Sam manage to pull Simon to safety. As they lift him out onto the bank Andrew falls back into the water, he is ok and tells Sam to continue helping Simon.

Sam rigs up a drip and gives Simon as much medical attention he can. He tells ???? he now has to go and help Andrew out of the water and instructs her to call for him if Simon’s condition changes.

Sam heads back to the river where Andrew is perching underneath a tree. Sam reaches out to pull him up to the bank but as Andrew lifts himself up he knocks his head on the branch and falls back into the river. Andrew is unconscious and his lifeless body is swept out with the water current. Sam runs through the forest to where the current ends and jumps into the river, however there is no sign of Andrew whose body has now sunk to the bottom of the water. Sam goes under the water to try and find him but is not successful, he continues looking for Andrew and on his third attempt finds Andrew’s body and pulls it back to the surface.

Joanna and Martin sit in on Rachel’s scan, it shows Rachel’s tumour has come back. Joanna tells Rachel and together they break the news to her father who was completely unaware that Rachel had been experiencing such pain. He explains to Joanna that it is hard for him to deal with as Rachel’s mum also had cancer and died from it.

Sam tries to revive Andrew but gets no response. The ambulance arrives but still Andrew is not breathing. Sam and ????? continue with the CPR but as Andrew is lifted into the ambulance there is no sign of improvement.

Martin tells Joanna he has got Rachel an appointment with a top brain specialist who is an old friend of his. She thanks him and he says his friend would be honoured to take on such a complex task. Martin sees that Joanna is emotional about Rachel and warns her not to get too close.

As Joanna and Martin continue to speak, the ambulance carrying Andrew arrives. Joanna is alarmed when she sees a drenched Sam following the trolley into the crash room and even more alarmed when she sees it’s Andrew. The cardiac team shock Andrew 3 times but their is no response. Joanna and Sam watch anxiously as he is shocked one more time and flatlines………

SAM: I did everything I could I swear

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