Series 8 Episode 10 – Dark Side of the Moon

Joanna and Martin manage to drag themselves out of bed and away from each other in order to go to work. Martin says he’d like to cook tonight but Joanna says she’s on call. She tells him he can cook at her house if he likes and gives him a spare key. He tells her he’ll return it tonight as he doesn’t want to assume anything, Joanna tells him he should assume, she wants him to keep the key.

Marcus comes to Cardale to see Martin. He comments on how Martin is now a respected part of the Cardale community, Martin says that’s because of Joanna’s position in the community. Marcus tells Martin about a new research programme at Sussex General, specialising in laser surgery. He tells Martin he would like him to head the programme and tells him the job is his if he wants it. Martin’s obvious delight at the job offer is observed by Rita.

Martin cooks dinner and asks Joanna what are the two things he has wanted most since she has known him. After a few joke answers, Joanna says one of Martin’s dreams is to work in minimally invasive laser surgery, however she is at a loss to work out his second dream. He presents her with a box and says maybe that will help her work it out. Joanna opens the box to reveal a ring. Martin asks her if she meant it this morning when she said she loved him. She says yes, she did mean it. Martin asks her to marry him. Joanna is shocked and says she doesn’t know what to say, she says she’ll think about it. She tells Martin she loves the ring but cant wear it until she makes a decision. Martin tells her to wear the ring and they’ll be engaged to be engaged until further notice!

MARTIN: I love you. Have since the moment I set eyes on you, will till the day I die. Marry me.

Joanna is later called out to an emergency and asks Martin if he will still be there when she returns. He says no as he has surgery early the next day. Joanna leaves and they agree they’ll talk later.

Joanna stops at the pub and shows off her ring to Rita. Rita comments that Martin must feel like he’s won the lottery what with the impending engagement on top of the new job. Joanna asks what job offer Rita is talking about and it is clear that Rita has really put her foot in it!

Joanna and Martin meet and she tells him she knows about the job. He tells her it’s in Sussex and that it would be fulfilling his dream of laser surgery. Joanna is genuinely delighted for Martin and he says he was going to tell her when the time was right. Joanna doesn’t doubt that but asks if he would’ve told her before or after she accepted his proposal. She says now the marriage proposal comes with all sorts of conditions that she wasn’t aware of when he proposed. Her acceptance would mean leaving Cardale and a job she loves. Martin tells Joanna he wants to be married to her and asks her to accept his proposal – she says yes.

MARTIN: I don’t have to take the job
JOANNA: That’s like saying you don’t have to breathe
MARTIN: No, being without you – that would be not breathing

After a day to think through her decision, Joanna tells Martin that she wouldn’t be willing to give up all she loves for him in the way he would give up his dream for her. She gets up to make coffee but when she returns from the kitchen Martin is gone and the key is left on the table.

MARTIN: I love you Joanna
JOANNA: and I love you

Rita tells Joanna she thinks she is mad for not leaving with Martin and for giving the ring back to him. However when she sees Joanna on the verge of tears she tells her she will be ok here in Cardale.

Joanna bumps into Martin at the hospital, he tells her he has accepted the job and leaves in two weeks.

MARTIN: They think I won’t be hard to replace
JOANNA: Well they’re certainly wrong about that

Sam and Alice deal with Andrew’s elderly patient Mrs Oxley who is admitted to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning. She is a stubborn old lady and refuses home help. Sam has no luck in getting through to her and requests the help of Alice who also agrees to be Mrs Oxley’s home help.

Martin visits Joanna and says he just wanted to come and see her before he left. She tells him that just because he’s in Sussex doesn’t necessarily signal the end of their relationship. Martin leaves Cardale and Joanna.

JOANNA: It’s not the other side of the world
MARTIN: I know

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