Series 8 Episode 11 – Not Waving but Drowning

Andrew and Dawn arrive home from their Disneyland holiday. Lulu reluctantly thanks Andrew for a good holiday but is more exited about a postcard from Keith saying he is working in Cardale.

Andrew goes to The Beeches and finds Joanna working. He asks her what has been happening whilst he’s been away. She tells him Martin won’t be doing the surgical clinic anymore as he’s got a new job in Sussex. Andrew asks her if she’s alright and says he’s sorry about Martin.

Sam’s friend Jeff comes to stay with him. He tells Sam he’s been ill lately and asks if Sam could take a look at him. He says he didn’y feel comfortable with his old G.P which is why he came to Cardlae. Sam asks Joanna to take alook at Jeff, she does some tests but tel;ls Sam there is nothing obvious wrong wt Jeff.

Keith buys a Lulu a bike. He takes her home and speaks to Dawn. She asks why he had moved to Cardale. He tells her he wants to be near the chilren.

Sam is not happy when he walks in on Jeff sowing photos of him to the pub regulars. He tells Jeff his room and his past life is the only piece of his life in Cardale that is rivate.

Rita tells Sam he should move out of the pub and get his own place. He says he cant afford it because he is still sending his parents moeny for his past debts! Rita tells him he should get out more!

Lulu tells Andrew about her new bike that Keuth brought her. Andrew tells Dawn he finds it hard seeing her with Keith and the children as he feels like he#s intruding. She tells him she loves him and says he is not in the way.

Joanna is feeling unwell. She is getting headaches and feeling sick. She goes to have her eyes tested but the optition says her eyesssight is fine and sugest she may be suffering from stress. Joanna visits Rita. Rita spots Joanna has a book in her hand and asks if it is any god. Rita opens the book to find it’s a present from Martin and he’s signed it Joanna with ‘all his love’. Joanna tells Rta she is issing Martin, Rita tells her hat Sussex isn;t that ar away ans she and Martin will have t pa s things.

Lulu and her friend find Jeff uncocious in his car whilst the are out playing.hey call Sam. When Sam arraives he finds that Jeff has injected himslef with insulin from the drugs cabinet in Sam’s room. Sam gets Jeff to hospital in time but find out that all the time Jeff has been going on about his facisnating his life he has been hiding secrets f his depression.

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