Series 8 Episode 12 – Moving On

Ronnie is back working at the garage. First customer is Andrew whose car has broken down – again!

Keith waits outside The Beeches for Dawn to arrive. He tells her he wants to talk to her. She agrees to meet him later that night.

Rita goes to see Joanna. She has hurt her back due to all the heaving lifting she does at the pub. Joanna tells her to take it easy and to get someone to help her with duties around the pub.

Andrew and Ronnie arrange a night at the pub. Andrew wants Dawn to go with them but she says she’d rather give it a miss.

Dawn goes to see Keith and he tells her that he’s lost his job because the company he works for has been sold. He says he will stay in Cardale for as long as it takes her to go back to him. She tells him he left her for another woman and says that Andrew has been good for her and the children. Keith asks her to look him in the eye and tell him she doesn’t love him, Dawn tries but fails and she and Keith kiss.

Sam is beating himself up over not realising how depressed his friend Jeff was. Andrew tells him to look how far Ronnie has come since the accident. He tells Sam he was right to save Jeff’s life.

Ronnie knocks his good leg at the pub. When Andrew looks at it he sees it is badly infected. Ronnie tells Andrew he doesn’t want his girlfriend Lucy to know there is anything wrong with him. Andrew goes with Ronnie to the hospital and the surgeons tell him he has got thrombosis. They want to keep Ronnie in hospital but he doesn’t want to stay. Andrew agrees he won’t make him stay in hospital and will look after him himself, providing Ronnie sticks to his rules. Ronnie agrees and confesses that he hasn’t been doing his exercises or using his artificial leg.

Andrew tells Dawn he hopes she would tell him if anything wasn’t right between them. She tells him she would.

ANDREW: I can’t handle this
DAWN: You think I can?

Dawn visits Keith, she tells him what happened between them the other night was crazy and says he has to leave her alone because she doesn’t want to destroy what she has with Andrew. He tells her he wants her and the kids to go away to Scotland and start afresh.

Dawn calls in sick at The Beeches and leaves a message with Kelly. Andrew is concerned about her and drives back to the house. As he is driving he spots Dawn and Keith together.

Rita has an accident whilst moving around the beer crates in the cellar. Sam finds her on the floor in pain and prescribes total rest. Alice visits her with tea and cake and tells her not to get up to look after the pub as everyone else is helping out tonight.

Andrew tells Dawn he saw her with Keith and asks what is going on. She tells him that Keith wants her back. He asks her if she loves Keith and wants to know if she will be leaving. Dawn says she doesn’t know what she wants.

The following day, Andrew returns home to find Dawn moving out. She tells him she and the children will be going to stay with her sister. After she is gone Trent visits Andrew. Andrew asks how Dawn is and Trent says she is fine. Andrew tells Trent he and Dawn splitting up is nothing to do with he, Lulu or Shane and says he’d really like Trent to still come around if he would like to.

Andrew visits Keith. He tells him that Dawn and the children were starting to settle down until he came back. Keith insists that he knows Dawn better and says he is glad she has left Andrew. Andrew tells Keith he loves Dawn and wants what is best for her and the children.

Between them, Joanna, Sam and Kelly manage the pub whilst Rita is resting. Whilst they are cleaning up Rita comes down and asks where Alice is. Joanna and Sam look at each other and realise they have forgotten to pick Alice up.

Andrew receives a phone call from Lucy, she tells him that she and Ronnie have decided to get married. She says Ronnie would like him to be best man. Andrew says he’d love to be best man and tells Lucy he will tell Dawn about the wedding.

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