Series 8 Episode 13 – New Beginnings

Dawn goes to The Beeches and hands Andrew her resignation. She tells him she and the children are looking for a new place to live but at the moment she’s not sure what to do about Keith. Andrew asks if she is keeping her options open, Dawn says she is just doing what she does best – looking after herself and the children. Andrew tells her not to go.

ANDREW: Are you going to be ok?
DAWN: There was life before you Andrew

Sam goes to the School to give a personal hygiene class, as he approaches the classroom he hears the familiar sound of Anna singing. He bursts into her classroom and is pleased to see her there. Anna tells Sam that Paul got the money for the drug by selling their house in Cardale. She tells him she is here for a visit and thought she’d be able to slip in and out of Cardale without him knowing.

Andrew tells Joanna that Dawn is leaving. She tells him they now have something in common due to the fact both of their partners have left them. She asks if he’d like to go for a drink but he says he can’t – it’s Ronnie’s stag night.

Dawn goes to The Beeches to collect her things. Joanna asks her if she is sure about what she is doing. Dawn says no and asks if she was sure when it was her and Martin. Joanna says no. Dawn says she will miss The Beeches and Joanna replies they will miss her. Dawn asks if Andrew is ok, Joanna tells her he handled news of their split in a ‘business-like’ fashion.

Dawn tells Keith that Andrew wants her to stay with him. Keith tells her he wants them start again. She asks him if he loves her and he says he does. He wants her and he children to go away with him to Scotland and start afresh.

Ronnie tells Andrew he wants he and Dawn to both be at the wedding. He says the wedding atmosphere will bring them back together. Andrew gets up to make his best mans speech and tells everyone that Ronnie thinks happiness is catching. He says if that is the case then he hopes they all get it. Andrew arrives home drunk and calls Dawn. He leaves a message on her phone and says Ronnie wants to know if she is going to go to the wedding. Before hanging up he tells her he misses her.

Lulu visits Andrew and says she thinks she has left her school book at his house. Andrew asks her how everyone is. She happily tells him that they are moving to Scotland with Keith. Andrew goes to see Keith and tells him he wants to speak to Dawn. Keith tells him Dawn doesn’t want to speak to him and says Dawn doesn’t belong with him. Andrew tells Keith he wants to hear that from Dawn and not him. Keith stands in Andrew’s path as he tries to enter the house and mocks him when Andrew tries to challenge him. Andrew hits him hard in the face and Keith falls to the floor.

Sam and Anna go for a drive. He tells her she can’t ignore her illness just so that Paul doesn’t have to deal with it. He says he thinks she has come back to Cardale to get in touch with how she feels and to face up to her illness. He tells her he’s not lecturing her, he’s messed up as her G.P and now he’s just a friend. She asks him if that’s all he is and Sam asks if there is more. She says being ill has made her realise what she really wants. They kiss and end up in Anna’s bed.

Andrew apologises to Ronnie for being so drunk at his stag night, Ronnie says Andrew never has to apologise to him – ever.

Anna leaves Cardale to head home. Both she and Sam are aware that it would not be right to continue their affair. Sam tells her he will miss her and she says she did come back for the reasons he stated. He touches the scar that she still has from the fall and he says it will be healed within a week, she tells him she thinks it will take a little longer then that.

As the Cardale folk gather for the wedding Andrew looks for Dawn but there is no sign of her.

After the wedding Andrew sees Dawn slip away as the photos are being taken. He goes after her. She tells him she is going to Scotland and says she is sorry he had to find out from Lulu. She tells him she knows she’s giving up a lot, not just the expensive holidays and presents, but she tells Andrew she gave up a lot when she moved in with him. Andrew asks Dawn if she loves Keith and she says she thinks she does. She asks him why he he didn’t fight for her, he says if it had just been him and her Keith wouldn’t have stood a chance. Dawn leaves.

DAWN: Friends?
ANDREW: I still love you Dawn. Friends is going to take a little bit of time

Andrew joins Joanna and Sam for a photo, all left alone by their lovers they make a toast together.

SAM: To us?
JOANNA: The future
ANDREW: Whatever that may be

After the wedding Andrew takes a suitcase from his house and puts it in his car – he drives out of Cardale.

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