Series 8 Episode 3 – Eskimo Roll

Dawn, Trent, Lulu and Shane move into Andrew’s house because the roof to their house is broken.

Andrew asks Joanna to use her influence to get Martin to perform an operation on one of his young patients. Joanna asks Dawn to write a letter to Martin requesting the referral and says she’ll sign it. Dawn says maybe it would be more effective if Joanna were to call Martin herself but Joanna, realising Dawn is matchmaking, says no.

Alice is up on her feet in hospital but is still rather shaky. She goes to the find the bathroom and accidentally finds her self inside the broom cupboard. When a porter comes towards her and tells her she’s not allowed in there, Alice fences her arms in fear of being attacked again and falls to the fall crying.

Joanna visits Alice is hospital and brings up the subject of the porter. Alice is adamant she doesn’t want to talk about it and tells Joanna she is no good in hospital and needs to be in her own home. When Joanna tries to push the subject Alice asks her to leave.

Dawn gives Joanna the referral letter to sign but Joanna says she’s had second thoughts and will call Martin herself. Joanna asks Martin for a strictly professional drink to discuss Andrew’s patient. Martin tells her he will do the surgery and says she knows how he feels about surgery – he considers it a privilege. Joanna admits the real reason she asked to meet him was to discuss their relationship. She tells him she’s been thinking about them a lot and remembering how hard she finds the domestic side of the relationship but how much she loves spending time with him. Joanna asks if Martin would be willing to go back to the old dating game and start by taking things really slowly. Martin says that’s fine but tells her he is aiming for something much more with her.

MARTIN: I’ll find a telly with two remote controls
JOANNA: I don’t think such a thing exists
MARTIN: Then I’ll keep searching till I find one

Trent uses Andrew’s home computer and somehow manages to wipe off all Andrew’s work. Dawn goes mad at Trent and tells him he shouldn’t touch Andrew’s belongings. However Andrew is keen to know what Trent knows about computers and admits that he’s barely got past the desktop since he brought it. Trent laughs at Andrew’s lack of computer skills leading Andrew to decide his punishment. Trent is told he must build a website for The Beeches and teach all the staff how to use it.

Joanna goes back to visit Alice and Alice notices that there is something wrong with her. Joanna tells her that she was outside her house on the phone whilst she was being hurt by the intruder. Alice tells her that she hopes she isn’t blaming herself as it wasn’t her fault. Joanna says she finds it hard to believe that Alice is fully over what happened if she, herself is still affected. Alice breaks down in Joanna’s arms as she recalls how the intruder destroyed her personal possessions.

Trent launches The Beeches website, much to the amusement of Joanna and Sam who don’t like their photos on the front-page! Andrew tells Trent he is not his Dad and isn’t about to start playing the part of Dad, but says he is not out to hurt anyone and just wants to care for Dawn. Andrew and Trent agree to stop giving each other such a hard time.

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