Series 8 Episode 4 – Wood for Trees

Andrew and Dawn throw a BBQ. Trent is not impressed by their choice in music and goes to a friends house party instead. At the party a few of Trent’s friends are doing pills, best mate Robbie leaves as he doesn’t want to be around drugs but despite refusing the pills Trent stays on.

Trent arrives home from the party at 3am and is greeted by Andrew. Andrew doesn’t lose his temper but tells Trent to get to sleep before Dawn realises he’s been out all night.

Joanna takes Alice home from the hospital. Alice insists on going into the house on her own so Joanna leaves and tells her to call her if she needs anything. Alice goes into her home and finds a welcome home banner from Joanna as well as cards from all her friends. However flashbacks of the attack occur as she moves into the kitchen.

ALICE: I’m not going to let that burglar get the better of me

Trent falls of his bike whilst out riding with Robbie. Robbie runs to The Beeches and tells Andrew and Dawn what has happened. They go to where Trent is and as they arrive Trent has a seizure. Dawn is alarmed as he begins foaming at the mouth. As the ambulance arrives Andrew asks Robbie if Trent was ill before the accident. Robbie tells Andrew that Trent may have taken Acid last night.

At the hospital Andrew tells the consultant there is a possibility that Trent may have taken something. Meanwhile Dawn is furious with Andrew for not telling her that Trent arrived home late last night. She tells him she is Trent’s mother and knows what he can be like – she says he should have told her.

As tensions between Andrew and Dawn are frayed, Andrew is shocked when Trent’s Dad Keith arrives at the hospital and is horrified when Dawn and Keith share a hug at Trent’s bedside. Andrew interrupts them to report that no evidence of drugs were found in Trent’s blood stream.

Alice is frightened when there is a knock at her door. She is too scared to answer it until Rita shouts through the letter box alerting Alice to the fact that it’s a friendly face. Rita tells Alice she has missed having her around and asks if she can make some food for the tug of war event tomorrow. Alice tells her she’d like to help but says she’s too busy. Rita leaves having failed her task of getting Alice out of the house.

Andrew is at home looking after Lulu and Shane when Dawn arrives back to get some things for Trent. Andrew hands her a bag that he’s packed for her as he didn’t think she’d consider herself when getting Trent’s things. Andrew asks if Keith will be staying with her at the hospital. Dawn says he will be. Andrew says it’s good she won’t be on her own.

At the hospital the consultant takes Dawn to one side and tells her that Trent has an infection on the brain. She is straight with Dawn and tells her there is a chance Trent may not come out of this alive.

Andrew calls a meeting with Joanna and Sam. He tells them the PCG (Patient Care Group) have been giving him a hard time about their prescribing. He tells them they have to watch what they prescribe more carefully and not be as flippant about it. Joanna asks Andrew if he wants her to cover his surgery whilst he stays with Dawn – he says no, Keith’s there.

Dawn talks to Trent and tries to get him to wake up. She notices there is no response and presses the emergency buzzer for the nurse. As the nurses run into Trent’s room, Andrew arrives and takes charge. Trent has gone into coma and Andrew watches as Keith comforts Dawn by Trent’s bedside.

Dawn tells Andrew she wants the truth about Trent’s condition. Andrew tells her that he wants to be there for her and not as just another doctor in the hospital. She tells him she can’t deal with that right now.

Dawn returns from the phone to find Andrew by Trent’s side. She watches as Andrew places Trent’s walkman on him and pulls a chair beside his bed to talk to him.

Much to the delight of Rita, Alice arrives at the tug of war with her legendry cakes in hand. Sam manages to get roped into the tug of war team when someone doesn’t turn up. He ends up full of mud and attached to the strongest man on the team.

Whilst Keith is with Trent the buzzer goes off. Keith shouts for Andrew and when Andrew comes in he sees Trent has stopped breathing. He begins CPR as Dawn and Keith watch and pray. Trent starts breathing again but remains in the coma.

Robbie sneaks into the hospital and into Trent’s room. He talks to Trent and Trent wakes up. Andrew watches from outside as Dawn and Keith tend to him.

Dawn goes to look for Andrew. She explains that before the only thing on her mind was the fact that Trent might die, she didn’t have time for anything else. He tells her he cares for her and Trent and doesn’t want to be shut out. They hug as Keith walks by and watches them.

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