Series 8 Episode 6 – Change of Life

Martin arrives at The Beeches for the first day of his surgical clinic. However he has to fight his way through a herd of cows before he can reach the door, as one of Andrews patients has let his farmyard roam around Cardale!

Rita has an appointment with Joanna. She says she’s found a lump underneath her armpit. Joanna says she would like to take a biopsy and says whilst she is here she’ll see if Martin can do it in the surgical clinic.

Sam makes a bet with patient Jack. If Jack quits smoking he’ll buy him a bottle of whisky.

Martin takes the biopsy from Rita and says he’ll get the hospital to take a look at it. Rita comments to Joanna on what a nice bedside manner Martin has, hence Joanna agreeing to have lunch with him!

Joanna and Martin go to the pub for lunch. Joanna can’t decide whether to have a Ham and Cheese sandwich or go with what Martin is having and have Scampi and Chips. She finally decides on a Ham and Cheese sandwich but when Martin’s Scampi and Chips arrives she says she wishes she had ordered that instead. Thankfully Martin knows her better then she thinks and ordered her the Scampi and Chips.

Rita tells Joanna the reason she returned to Cardale. She met a man but after two years with him, when it was time to make a commitment, he finished with her. Joanna tells her the lump is just a cyst and praises Rita on her positive attitude throughout the process. Rita tells Joanna about her son Francis (Series 1 Ep6). She tells her that Francis dying was the worse thing that could ever happen to her so nothing upsets her now.

Joanna catches Jack smoking and tells Sam. Jack is still laid back that smoking won’t affect his health until he collapses and finds it hard to breath. The fact that he could die suddenly dawns on him and he vows to quite smoking – Sam ups the anti to two bottles of whisky!

Joanna and Martin go for a walk. Much to his delight she tells him she’s tired of going slowly.

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