Series 8 Episode 9 – The First Stone

With Andrew and Dawn on holiday, Kelly fills in as receptionist.

Joanna tells Martin he looks like he could do with a night out and suggests a film might help to ease his problems. He tells her he doesn’t have any problems. She says in that case he can just keep her company whilst she watches the film.

Joanna, Sam and Kelly go to the pub for a drink. Joanna is cornered by patient Grace who wants a home visit. Joanna tells her she is having a drink with her friends and will see her at the surgery tomorrow. However Grace talks Joanna round and Joanna agrees to visit her house the following day.

When Joanna arrives at Graces house she is horrified to see the filthy kitchen, rat problems and her cats roaming the kitchen surfaces. Joanna suspects that Grace has Weils disease, a disease caught from rats urine. Joanna calls public health but is challenged by Rita who feels Joanna is judging Grace based on evidence of her poor hygiene and an un-kept house. Joanna tells Rita she is concerned for the welfare of the children next door.

JOANNA: I could just be stabbing in the dark
SAM: Joanna Graham? Never.

Joanna later receives the results of Graces test which reveal she doesn’t have Weils disease but chickenpox – caught from the child next door! She apologises to Grace and Rita but luckily they see the irony in the situation.

Sam rallies around taking on the diet clinic as well as doing surveys on all The Beeches asthmatic and diabetic patients. Kelly comments that he is trying to impress Andrew.

Joanna and Martin spend the evening in. He tells her that he is having some time out from the hospital but says it has nothing to do with what happened with Rachel. He says he is tired of the hospital bureaucracy. Joanna says he deserves the time off and he agrees to join her watch her film.

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