Series 9

Episode 1 – And Then There Were Two

As Andrew decides where his future lies, Joanna and Sam struggle to hold The Beeches together in his absence. A virus outbreak does nothing to help their situation especially when The Beeches is targeted as the cause. 

Episode 2 – Close To Home

New arrivals in Cardale as The Pullen family arrive to take over The Black Swan and Physio Kerri Davidson starts work at The Beeches. Meanwhile Joanna meets an old friend at a school reunion.

Episode 3 – Family Values

Sam helps Rob come to terms with his parental responsibilities on the anniversary of Allie’s death, whilst Kerri tries to persuade Andrew to keep an open mind about her alternative health remedies.

Episode 4 – Letting Go

A tough time for the Pullen family when Maisy is taken ill. Despite their support towards her recovery, Maisy confides in Joanna that she’d rather be dead. Will Joanna follow her heart or her head? 

Episode 5 – Language Of The Eye

Kerri becomes increasingly jealous over Sam’s budding relationship with Serena. Meanwhile Andrew finds himself growing fond of her mother Kate; wife of PCG chairman Richard Turner.

Episode 6 – Once Too Often

Joanna is drawn into an emotional minefield when one of her patients appears to have been mistreated by one of her G.P friends. Serena begins to show her possessive side and Joanna receives some big news.

Episode 7 – Truth Or Dare

Andrew and Sam call on their medical expertise when a lorry crashes into The Black Swan, trapping many Cardale residents. The situation brings feelings to the surface for Andrew and Kate and Sam and Serena.

Episode 8 – Ghosts

Joanna visits Tom in order to break her news to him, however things don’t go according to plan when his wife Meg arrives back in their marital home. Meanwhile Sam and Kerri clash over a patient.

Episode 9 – A Test Of Faith

Liz is shocked to find out she is pregnant, however as she and Mike begin to accept a new addition to their family. Meanwhile Sam breaks up with Serena and Andrew and Kate grow closer.

Episode 10 – Turning Tides

Carol is faced with some tough decisions when her son returns from the marines full of secrets and shocks for her. Alice takes part in a dodgy scheme and Andrew and Kate can’t fight their feelings any longer.

Episode 11 – Faith, Hope and Love

As Andrew and Kate find challenges in their relationship, Sam and Kerri take theirs a step further. Meanwhile Joanna makes plans for life as a single mother until a visitor offers a different perspective.

Episode 12 – Last Orders

Joanna and Tom lay their cards on the table and discuss their commitment towards each other. Whilst Andrew gets cold feet about his relationship with Kate.

Episode 13 – Hopes and Dreams

As Joanna’s future starts to take shape, Andrew’s is falling apart. However when Joanna is caught  between a Father and Daughter conflict, fate intervenes and everyones lives look set to change forever.

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