Series 9 Episode 13 – Hopes and Dreams

Sam and Richard come to blows when Richard refuses to provide The Beeches with a counselling service. He doesn’t think it would work as in his opinion patients would rather fill themselves up with drugs. Sam is disgusted, especially as Richard hasn’t bothered to look at any of the facts or figures prepared for him by Andrew. Joanna and Sam notice Andrew playing up to Richard and Sam asks Andrew what is going on. Andrew says he doesn’t see what good it will do to get Richards back up. Sam says that has never bothered him before.

Tom is convinced Joanna’s baby will be a boy and a top class football striker, judging by his kick! Joanna introduces Tom to Alice and tells her that he is doing locum work at Derby County whilst waiting for someone to buy his Scarborough practice.

Kate arrives at The Beeches and gets an appointment with Andrew as he’s had a cancellation. He tells her he can’t treat her and pushes her onto Joanna. Carol later asks Andrew if he wants Kate’s notes permanently transferred to Joanna. Andrew snaps back at her and says he already told her that was what he wanted. Joanna tells Andrew not to take his bad day out on Carol.

Andrew and Kate spend the evening together at his house. They get a shock when Sam comes home with Joanna, Kerri and Tom. Despite Kate’s quick thinking about being there because of a problem at the drop in centre, Joanna is suspicious that something is going on.

Tom arrives at The Beeches and Carol asks him to take some chocolates through to Joanna, she says they are a peace offering from Andrew. Joanna is not impressed and tells Andrew it’s not acceptable to shout at someone then try and make it up with chocolates. She tells him he has been unbearable to work with recently. He says he’s sorry. Joanna asks him if he’s involved with Kate. He tells her it’s none of her business. Joanna says she thinks it is as Kate is his patient not to mention the wife of the man who controls their fund. She says if Richard finds out it won’t just be he and Kate who he comes after, it will be the entire Beeches practice. Andrew says just because her life is falling into place doesn’t mean she can try and spoil his.

The Beeches crew go to the local fair. Tom gets a phone call and tells Joanna the practice in Scarborough has been sold. Joanna is thrilled and Tom buys her a teddy bear from one of the stalls.

Andrew sees Kate at the fair, he tells her Joanna knows about their affair.

At the fair Joanna talks to one of her patients, Frankie, about his recent diagnoses of Huntington’s disease. His family run the fair and have a bad reputation in Cardale, not to mention an ongoing feud with local Farmer George. To make matters worse Frankie is engaged to George’s daughter Sarah. Neither family is happy about the alliance especially George who spent time in prison because of a fight with Frankie’s family.

As Joanna, Sarah and Frankie discuss Sarah and Frankie’s impending wedding, George arrives holding a gun. The fair falls silent as he points the gun towards Joanna, Sarah and Frankie and demands Sarah come home with him. As Andrew, Sam, Carol, Kerri, Tom and Kate look on, Joanna tells Sarah to do what her father tells her. Sarah reluctantly steps towards her father and he forcefully holds her with his arm around her neck. Frankie is furious of his treatment towards Sarah and moves forward to grab Sarah. Joanna holds Frankie back but George hears the commotion, turns around and shoots.

As the gun is fired Joanna falls to the floor. She has been shot. Andrew and Sam rush to her aid, as Tom runs to her side. Joanna looks at Tom and says his name before losing consciousness. Andrew and Sam begin CPR as Joanna lays still, clutching the teddy bear that Tom brought for her.

Tom waits at the hospital as Joanna is in surgery. Andrew, who has been in the theatre with her, comes outside and tells Tom that Joanna has died. He tells him they managed to save the baby, a boy. Andrew and Tom sit speechless as the medical team who had been working on Joanna leave the theatre…

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