Series 9 Episode 2 – Close to Home

The Pullen family move into the new pub – The Black Swan. Head of the clan Maisy makes instant friends with Alice and confides in her that she is recovering from a stroke. Alice tells her she’ll do some baking for them as a housewarming present. Alice takes a photo of the family; Maisy, her daughter Liz, Liz’s husband Mike and their children Nick and Julie, as they celebrate their new home.

JULIE: We’re The Walton’s on speed

Physiotherapist Kerri Davidson arrives at The Beeches.

Andrew asks Joanna for a drink at The Black Swan to meet the new family but she says she can’t. She has a few patients to see before she heads off for the weekend to attend the medical school reunion she has organised.

Andrew, Sam and Kerri go to The Black Swan for a drink. Kerri is local to Cardale and knows most of the locals and the community history.

Joanna’s reunion gets off to a bad start when she arrives at the hotel to find there has been a double booking, meaning Joanna’s medical reunion will have to share a room with a group of ballroom dancers. Joanna’s mood perks up when medical school friend Tom Deneley arrives and helps her set up the room. They catch up on each others lives and Joanna asks Tom how his wife Meg is, Tom tells her they have decided to call it a day.

Julie Pullen is interested in travelling after she finishes school and talks to Sam about his travelling experiences. He is happy to help her and promises to show her some guides and give her some advice. Julie is flattered by Sam’s attention and visits him in the night with a cup of tea. Julie later asks Sam if she can go on call with him but he says no, as it’s late.

Joanna decides against wearing her new designer dress to the reunion and settles for a sensible suit instead. After the dinner and the speeches Tom and some of the other diners gatecrash the ballroom. Tom asks Joanna to join them but she tells him she’s tired and is going to bed.

The following morning Joanna and Tom have breakfast with their lecturer, who is surprised that Joanna has given up her surgical career for life as a G.P. Tom offends Joanna by inadvertently calling her a control freak. He says he bets the first thing she does when she gets home is write a letter of complaint to the hotel about the double booking of the room. She says she will be writing a letter, but Tom tells her to let it go – everyone had a good time, there is no need to complain.

As Tom is packing his bag to go home the phone rings, it’s Joanna. She asks him if he wants to join her for a drink before they leave. Tom arrives downstairs to find Joanna looking stunning in her new dress. They join the salsa dancing room and their sexy moves end in a kiss, before they head to bed together. The following morning, Tom frantically running around trying to get his things together so he is not late for his surgery wakes them.

Sam is woken by Julie bringing him breakfast in bed. Sam is aware that Julie has a crush on him and he tells her that nothing can happen between them. Julie later goes to The Beeches to see Sam and tells him she wants to go on the pill. He tells her she doesn’t have to go on the pill to prove she’s an adult. She says she’s not doing it to prove anything and undertakes a series of questions that Sam presents to her. He eventually prescribes her the pill but she leaves the surgery without taking the prescription and tells Sam he has hurt her.

Joanna and Tom bid farewell and Joanna arrives back at The Beeches looking radiant. Carol asks her if she had fun and Joanna says she did.

Sam visits Andrew and tells him that he is moving out of The Black Swan because it’s getting too cramped in there. Andrew asks him if he’d like to move into his house with him – Sam happily accepts.

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