Series 9 Episode 4 – Letting Go

Whilst at the local swimming pool, Sam meets Serena who runs the local crèche.

Maisy cons Andrew into playing for the Black Swan darts team. The Beeches crew say they’ll make it a practice outing to support him.

Carol notices that Kerri has taken a shine to Sam. She tells her to make the first move because if she waits for Sam she’ll be waiting forever.

CAROL: Wait for Sam to make the first move and you’ll be waiting till the next millennium

Maisy asks Joanna if she knows anything about living wills. Joanna tells her she knows little about them and asks Maisy why she is enquiring. Maisy explains that if she were to have another stroke she does not want to be resuscitated as her quality of life would no doubt deteriorate after another stroke. Joanna asks Andrew for his opinion and he tells her she should discourage Maisy and try not to get involved in the legal side of things. Joanna calls the medical defence unit and their response is for Joanna to respect Maisy’s wishes.

JOANNA: Sometimes I feel we’re prevented from doing what we think is right

Sam brings Serena to the darts tournament and introduces her to The Beeches staff. Serena’s presence annoys Kerri, especially when Serena begins to cheer for Andrew’s opposition. During Andrew’s crucial match, Maisy collapses and goes into respiratory arrest. Andrew is fast to respond to Maisy’s condition but Joanna holds back knowing that resuscitation is not what Maisy wants. Joanna eventually helps Andrew and Maisy pulls through, however she is left with little speech and no feeling down her left hand side, confining her to a wheel chair.

Mike and Liz arrive at the hospital to take Maisy home but neither seem prepared for the full extent of Maisy’s condition. Joanna is feeling guilty about not respecting Maisy’s wishes but Andrew tells her she did the right thing as there was nothing legal in writing.

Rob takes Hannah to The Beeches for her MMR injection, however when he sees the size of the needle he chickens out and takes Hannah home! Sam visits him and gives Hannah the vaccination at home. Rob is coping well but Sam can see he is shattered. He tells Rob he needs to look after himself as well as Hannah.

Mike and Liz argue about Maisy’s care, he wants her to go into a nursing home but Liz says she won’t allow it. Mike says they only have 6 months to convince the brewery they can make a go of the pub and need to concentrate solely on making it a success.

Maisy asks Joanna to help her die. Joanna tells Andrew what Maisy has asked her to do and Andrew says Joanna can’t do it. He tells her about his Mum and how when it came to it he couldn’t help her die. He tells her their job is to care for people and to save lives.

Rob tells Sam he needs help with Hannah, he is beginning to lose his confidence in being her father. Sam tells him he is doing a great job but stresses that it will take time to get organised. Sam takes Rob and Hannah to the crèche where Serena works. They leave Hannah there for a while so she can interact with the other children and so Rob can have a break and join Andrew and Sam for a pint.

Joanna goes to The Black Swan and tells Mike and Liz that Maisy has asked her to help her die. Liz is distraught and runs upstairs to see Maisy. Maisy tells Liz she has had enough and is tired. Liz visits Joanna and says she understands that Maisy wants to die. She asks Joanna if there is anything she can do. Joanna suggests that the amount of pain relief Maisy receives can be adjusted, so long as the maximum amount is not exceeded.

Liz takes Maisy for a picnic, she gets Mike, Nick and Julie to say goodbye to her before setting off on the trip. Liz gives Maisy a drink and says goodbye to her. As the sun goes down Liz checks on Maisy and finds she is dead.

LIZ: Night night Mum

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