Series 9 Episode 5 – Language of the Eye

Richard Turner has a meeting at The Beeches and objects to Andrew and Joanna’s request to have Kerri as a permanent member of staff. Richard says the only way he can make it viable is if The Beeches cut back on all their orthopaedic referrals. Andrew and Joanna agree to compromise.

JOANNA: We don’t want to make an enemy of Richard Turner. He could make life very difficult around here

Richards wife Kate and daughter Lucy join him at the surgery. 5 years ago Lucy contracted meningitis and the illness left her unable to hear. Unbeknown to Lucy, Richard and Kate have put her forward for cochlea implants. Lucy is confused as to why her parents have suggested she have the operation as previously a surgeon had told her she would not be able to have them. Andrew explains that the criteria has changed and they are now happy to consider the implant.

Kerri is still miffed about seeing Sam and Serena together.

Richard tells Kate that he really wants Lucy to have this operation. He says he wants Lucy to be ‘normal’ again and that he wants her to stop going to her deaf club with the other deaf people. Kate explains that Lucy likes going to the deaf club as she has a lot of friends there.

Andrew and Kate meet at the pub. She asks him to support her on a project she is planning. She wants Cardale to have it’s own drop in centre where people in trouble can turn to for refuge. The subject soon turns to Lucy and Kate confides in Andrew that she still feels guilty for not calling a doctor sooner when Lucy was sick.

Lucy spends the evening at the club but gets upset and leaves early. She tells the group organiser that having the operation will take her away from her deaf friends who won’t want to know her if she is able to hear. Frustrated and upset Lucy has a ride on a friends motorbike and ends up falling off it. As they are driving home, Andrew and Kate notice the commotion and stop to help. Shocked that it is Lucy, Kate panics whilst Andrew gets his bag to check Lucy is ok. Back at Richard and Kate’s house, Richard arrives home and is not happy to find Kate crying on Andrew’s shoulder. She tells him what has happened to Lucy but Richard is more keen to tell Andrew to stay out of his families business rather then hearing what is wrong with his daughter.

In order for the operation to be a success, Lucy has to go for some tests so that the surgeons can get a better understanding of her hearing ability. Andrew, Richard and Kate are present whilst Lucy has to sit through a number of tests and mind games. However she is unwilling to co-operate as she says the tests are childish. When Kate sees how upset Lucy is, she begins to have doubts about the operation. However Richard is determined that it will go ahead. Andrew suggests to Kate that maybe Lucy doesn’t want the operation, hence her behaviour.

Kerri asks Andrew if she can have a computer terminal in her office. She says it would save her a lot of extra work and time. Carol supports her by saying it will stop Kerri from getting under her feet using the reception computer. Andrew says he’ll think about it.

Sam tells Liz that he saw Nick skiving school the other day. He tells her that he thinks Nick is really missing his Nan. Liz talks to Nick and shows him the baby book that Maisy made for him when he was born. Nick tells Liz that he hates seeing Maisy’s ashes just laying in the urn, Liz says he’s right and says they should scatter them.

Andrew sees Lucy and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him she feels like she belongs with her deaf friends at the club. She says the implants will cause her more hard work and she’s already worked so hard to cope with being deaf. Lucy tells Andrew she can’t tell her parents how she feels because they will be sad, she makes Andrew promise not to tell them.

At the next consultation, Andrew tells Richard and Kate that he is no longer prepared to support their application for Lucy’s operation as he feels it’s not the right thing for Lucy. He tells Lucy he’s sorry about the promise he made her but says he thinks Lucy feels responsible for her parents happiness or unhappiness and he doesn’t think that is any reason for her to have this operation. Lucy admits what Andrew is saying is true. The situation gets too much for Richard who drags Kate and Lucy out of the surgery and tells Andrew he’ll regret his decision.

At home, Kate tells Richard that she can’t stand to see Lucy so upset and says the only reason he wants her to have the operation is because he can’t love her if she is not perfect.

Joanna is unsure of Andrew’s reasons behind withdrawing his support for Lucy’s operation. She tells him she is worried Richard will make them pay for it.

Sam is on his way out of The Beeches for a meal with Serena when he hears Kerri shouting at her new computer. He asks her what’s wrong and she says she pressed a button and the computer stopped responding. Sam investigates and finds that she has crashed the whole system. He offers to help her fix it but Kerri tells him he should leave her to it as he has a date with Serena. Sam refuses to leave her and says with two of them they will fix it quicker. After a while Sam gets the system up and running again, much to the delight of Kerri who also swipes a flower from the bunch he has brought Serena!

Andrew tells Kate he knows she agrees with Lucy about the operation. He says that Richard is a bully and tells Kate she must stand up to him. Kate tells him she is worried about being excluded from Lucy’s life as she can’t communicate with Lucy or her friends as much as she would like to. Andrew tells her she can learn how to do sign language and become involved in Lucy’s life as much as she wants. Kate gets upset and Andrew comforts her. Richard arrives home from work and is not happy to see his wife in Andrew’s arms and tells Andrew to leave. Kate says she is going to call Lucy down from her room and they are going to finally let her have her say. When Kate goes to Lucy’s room she finds she has gone.

KATE: I’m afraid of losing her to a world I can’t be a part of

Andrew, Richard and Kate go to the bus station and find Lucy about to board a bus. They chase Lucy through the bus terminals and watch as she stands in front of a reversing bus. Lucy is unaware that the bus is heading for her as she can’t hear the reverse sound. Andrew jumps in front of the bus and pulls Lucy to the ground. Richard and Kate rush towards Lucy and she tells them she doesn’t want the operation. She tells them they must let her grow up the way she is and be proud of her. Richard tells her he loves her.

The Pullens go to a quiet resting place and scatter Maisy’s ashes.

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