Series 9 Episode 6 – Once too Often

Tom leaves a message on Joanna’s phone saying he hasn’t heard from her since the reunion. He says it would be great to talk to her and even better to see her.

Joanna arrives late for a meeting with Richard and other G.P’s in the community. After the meeting Joanna has dinner with fellow G.P and friend Yvonne Marshall. Joanna mentions that one of Yvonne’s ex patients, Christine Lynch, has registered with her at The Beeches. Joanna says during an internal investigation she noticed a lump and has sent Christine for an ultrasound. Yvonne says Christine never turned up for smear tests and when she did she was always slightly erratic.

When Joanna leaves, Yvonne calls her receptionist and asks where Christine’s notes are. The receptionist says they have already been sent to The Beeches.

Christine visits Joanna for her test results. Joanna tells her she has found a lump on her uterus and because of the size and position of it she is going to need a hysterectomy.

Joanna listens to Tom’s message again and picks up the phone to call him. However she hangs up before he can answer the phone.

Joanna asks Yvonne to come to The Beeches. She tells her that Christine will be infertile and that her notes show no signs of any previous smear, internal examinations etc. Christine’s fiancé arrives at The Beeches and causes a fight with Yvonne who is in reception. Yvonne doesn’t fight back and collapses. Joanna rushes to her aid and finds from the contents of her bag that she’s been taking morphine.

Sam tells Joanna she has to talk to Yvonne and find the route of the problem as she is obviously not functioning properly.

Joanna tells Yvonne she is worried about the patients in her care. Yvonne tells Joanna the morphine is for a back problem but later admits to Joanna that she has a drug problem. Joanna tells her she must stop practising. Yvonne asks Joanna for her help in beating the drugs and standing by her. Joanna says no.

Sam tells Joanna she must report Yvonne to the medical authority. Sam says that herself prescribing is illegal and that she needs to be reported.

Joanna shows Christine her medical notes. Christine realises that Yvonne should’ve spotted her problem and tells Joanna she wants Yvonne struck off. Joanna tells Christine she does have a case if she wishes to report Yvonne to the General Medical Council.

Joanna visits Yvonne but finds a note on the surgery door saying that surgery is closed. She finds Yvonne in her house and tells her that Christine is going to report her. Yvonne says she doesn’t want to burden Joanna with the case and says she’ll phone the GMC herself. Yvonne collapses again and asks Joanna to leave her there. Joanna calls an ambulance.

Carol comes into Joanna’s office and sees a pregnancy test on Joanna’s desk. Joanna asks Carol how important having children was to her. Carol says she couldn’t imagine her life without them. Carol asks if Joanna would like her to do the pregnancy test for her, Joanna says yes. As Carol waits for the test result, Joanna says when she thinks of all the lecture she’s given to teenagers on unprotected sex she feels so irresponsible. She says she wonders what the teenagers would think of her now. Carol shows Joanna the pregnancy test – it’s positive – Joanna is pregnant.

CAROL: Pregnant?
CAROL: You are. But I think you knew that

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