Amanda Burton The Sun Interview – January 1995

Docs practice to have a baby

In the new series of Peak Practice doctors Jack (Kevin Whately) and Beth (Amanda Burton) try for a family. Amanda, 37, says ‘I think it is on the cards for them to start a family. She and Jack want to consolidate their relationship and put in a lot of practice to have a baby. She is determined to have one because in this series Beth’s best friend, Isabel, played by Sylvia Syms dies. It makes her think of the continuing of life, and having children.’

Sadly, Amanda was able to draw on her own experiences to film the emotional scenes. She is still coming to terms with the death of her brother in law from cancer 18 months ago. She says ‘The experience gave me a better understanding of how Beth would have felt when someone she cared for died. Seeing a person close to you suffer from cancer, gives you a strong indication of how horrible the disease is, and how painful and destructive, it can be. It was awful. Isabel’s death is not prolonged but is still a massive shock for Beth.’

Amanda says ‘Marriage is a new thing for Beth and Jack, and they are both very strong characters so it is a very volatile relationship. She and Jack have their problems, and he goes to Africa for a time because he needs more space. They come out of it much stronger. They find they don’t need each other to survive, but at the end they find they want each other.’

Amanda, who has also starred in Brookside and Boon, adds ‘I admire Beth – her strength and the way she deals with life. She isn’t frightened of anything.’

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