Gary Mavers What’s on TV Interview – April 1995

That’s the advice given to the young doctor starting at The Beeches this week

At a time when TV doctors are judged more on sex appeal then bedside manner, the latest recruit to peak Practice would appear to have the perfect credentials.

Yet within hours of arriving in Cardale this week, blue-eyed trainee doctor Andrew Attwood is making waves. His first day doesn’t go well when he loses the surgery its vital tannery contract.

‘He makes mistakes,’ says Gary Mavers, the actor who plays him. ‘He’s a working-class guy who finds himself in a middle-class profession and it’s like setting the cat among the pigeons. The only person to sympathise is Jack Kerruish, who recalls his own experiences when training.’

Gary, who appeared in the drama series Chimera, was delighted to land the role and is now looking forward to filming his first action emergency sequence.

‘So far, the closest I’ve come is when Andrew is dealing with an unstable schizophrenic man,’ he says. ‘I catch up with him in a toilet and have to sit on him to administer an injection. That’s what I love about acting, you get to do things you’d never do in ordinary life!’

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