Kevin Whately & Amanda Burton TV Quick Interview – May 1994

Doctors in Love

Frustrated viewers across the country can at last breathe a sigh of relief. Jack and Beth, TV’s Sexiest doctors are set to ‘wed’ (as Jack put it so endearingly when he first made the suggestion a few weeks back).

The road to the altar has been as rocky as the peaks themselves, and they’ve been times when it looked as if they’d never make it. The proposal finally came from Beth, played by Amanda Burton, after she had spent a harrowing night attempting to save the life of a young car crash victim who was bleeding to death in the midst of a snow strewn wreckage. Staring death in the face, Beth realised how much she loved Jack and when he arrived on the scene to rescue her her first words were ‘marry me Jack.’

But what of their future together? It’s certainly an explosive match, Jack is a headstrong idealist ruled by his emotions while Beth is a muddle of vulnerability and single minded determination. Heartthrob actor Kevin Whately ,who plays Jack ,says with a laugh ‘Some people might be disappointed Jack is getting tied down – I know my agent is, she thought he ought to go on philandering. It feels right for Jack and Beth to get together. I think Jack has always wanted to marry Beth, she’s been trying to suss out whether he’s merely attracted by the image of a settled married doctor, or if he really is in love with her. Says Amanda, ‘Beth is very very independent and always will be. For a long time she was so determined to make a success of her career that she had no time for romance, but she has grown to love Jack. In many ways he’s like her – strong and independent. But,’ she adds with a smile, ‘I wouldn’t think for a minute that it will be a totally peaceful marriage!’

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