Simon Shepherd The TV Mag Interview – October 2001

Just when it seemed things were finally working out for Peak Practices Dr. Will Preston his whole life seems to be falling apart. Whilst the newly reconciled Will and wife Kate seemed contented together as the new series kicked off last week, their happiness was soon shattered by the shock arrival of Tony, Will’ son by his first wife Sarah.

‘There’s a lot of stuff Tony blames Will for so he’s come back to cause as much mayhem as possible,’ explains Simon Shepherd who plays the heartthrob medic.

‘That puts an enormous strain on Will and Kate’s relationship and basically leaves him on the edge. Will soon discovers that Abby, the daughter in law he didn’t even know existed, is expecting his grandchild, and he rushes to her aid when she falls ill. He tries to build bridges with his son but Tony is high on drink and drugs and seems set on starting a family war. Soon, the dependable dog is battling his own demons. As the breakdown he suffered in the first year of Peak Practice threatens to take hold again.

‘Will’s going to start acting strangely which will worry his colleagues,’ says Simon. ‘And he’ll administer his own medicine. It’s very cloak and dagger.’

‘I didn’t think filming this storyline was affecting me but on long days I lost things like my glasses or script and a colleague said I had been quite eccentrically! When you’re doing a heavy storyline, it takes over your day. It’s scary how quickly I could slip in and out of it.’

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