Gary Mavers & Saskia Wickham GMTV Interview – January 1997

INTERVIEW BY: Eamon Holmes & Fiona Phillips

FP: We are always left wondering will they or won’t they get it together on screen, well they’ve got it together to be with us this morning; Gary Mavers and Saskia Wickham. We’ll be meeting them in a moment but first let’s catch up on their story so far:

Montage of clips from series 5 put together with Andrew singing ‘Boys are back in town’

FP: Saskia and Gary morning to you. Where does it go from there, without giving too much away

SW: Well we actually don’t know yet, they’ll still deciding. We’re just playing it by ear because we haven’t filmed the end yet

GM: In the last series I was married, this series I’m not

FP: We seemed to have had the whole surgery in this week, the whole practice. The two that we have had in already; Simon and Shelagh, they’re both leaving the series. You two are staying I take it

SW: Absolutely yes

FP: Has it made a difference, does it put pressure on you when well known established faces, like Will and Kate, leave?

GM: I think with any series when you’ve got long running characters it’s good for them to move on and new blood to take their place. It keeps the storylines fresh

SW: I also think that Peak Practice in itself has a strong format in itself. We got through last year when Kevin and Amanda left and we sort of sailed, well I don’t mean sailed, I’m sure it was a change for people, but people seem to like having new blood coming in.

FP: Now you’ve (to Saskia) had your own real life medical drama haven’t you? Tell us about that

SW: I got gangrene when we were filming. It was completely my fault because I’m one of those people who hates going to the dentist and I had toothache which I ignored and ignored and took painkillers, until they opened it up and said it’s gangrenous, at which time I burst into tears!

FP: How did they treat it?

SW: I had to have rot canal therapy which was two hours of having my mouth chopped open, it was horrible!

FP: Gary, it’s a bit of a family affair for you on Peak Practice, because your daughter Abbey is getting involved isn’t she?

GM: Julia Lisney, the casting director rung me up and said would Abbey like to play the part of the daughter of the guy I was signing with just in that clip…

FP: Stunning voice I have to say

GM: She said would Abbey like to play the part, we think she’s perfect for the role. She had about three scenes, she had a day in Derbyshire, a day in Liverpool. I just thought, she’s nearly 8 now, I thought it might be a bit of a novel for her. She had a lovely time.

FP: Your stories a heartening one and would give a lot of hope to people who want to become actors because you left school with no qualifications and you didn’t really know what you wanted to do did you?

GM: No, I think Liverpool’s one of those places , not talking about myself, but it’s full of people with a lot of talent, a lot of humour, but there’s not many opportunities there. I had to leave the city and go to London to train. It’s a shame I couldn’t stay in the city, but you know things have worked out ok.

FP: Yes they have. It’s lovely to see you both this morning. Saskia and Gary, and Saskia before you go, where does your name come from?

SW: It’s Dutch

EH: I have to say Gary; Robson and Jerome watch out!

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