Saskia Wickham Inside Soap Interview – April 1996

Meet Erica Matthews, the GP who has sent temperatures soaring in Cardale

With her well-groomed hair, pearl earrings and smart suits, Peak Practice’s Doctor Erica Matthews looks every bit the efficient country GP. But beneath her cool, calm exterior, lie animal passions! She’s already made a pass at her boss, Dr Will Preston – played by Simon Shepherd – and had a visit from old flame Dan Copeland. And when Dr Andrew Attwood – played by Gary Mavers – has marriage problems, he could be next on her hit list!

‘She’s a game girl!’ laughs Saskia Wickham, who plays her. ‘She’s not a tart, but she is very affectionate!’ Impulsive Erica has certainly livened up life in Peak District. Her hot-headed character is very different to her down-to-earth predecessor Beth Glover, who was played by Amanda Burton.

But this is not Saskia’s first success on screen. She played leather-clad sidekick Alex in the series Boon, and then stepped into the period clothes and lead role of Clarissa. But Saskia says she hasn’t always been the sex symbol. In fact she confesses to being ‘an unattractive, spotty teenager’. That isn’t the case now, but Saskia does wish she was more outspoken like her screen character Dr Matthews. ‘Quite a lot of Erica is how I’d like to be,’ says Saskia. ‘She’s certainly braver than me.’

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