Saskia Wickham TV Weekly – February 1996

New doc on the block Saskia Wickham was literally thrown in at the deep end on her first day shooting of Peak Practice.

The dramatic opening scenes of the new series show Saskia’s Dr Erica Matthews plunged into an icy river to save a drowning child. ‘It was pretty hairy,’ says Saskia. ‘But at least there wasn’t any blood. I’m squeamish but all I had to do was not look blue. We shot it in freezing December, there was a heater on the bank but it wasn’t much good.’

Despite her image Saskia, who played leather clad biker Alex in Boon, does not relish action girl parts. ‘These physical roles are nothing like me,’ she says. ‘If I found myself in a similar real life situation I wouldn’t be so heroic. I’d get my mobile out and call an ambulance.’

Saskia may have been cold while filming but on screen her character will be making temperatures rise as she tumbles into one romantic encounter after another. ‘Erica’s no tart,’ laughs Saskia ‘but she has a habit of doing things she might regret.’

Following the departure of Beth and Jack (Amanda Burton and Kevin Whately), a new medical team has been formed and practice passion is set to reach new peaks. The crew is made up of Saskia, Gary Mavers who plays Dr. Andrew Attwood and Simon Shepherd as Will Preston.

‘Erica’s first passion is for Will. Sadly it’s completely unrequited, but she soon gets over him,’ reveals Saskia who admits to having been a late start in the romance department. Now separated from banker hubby Sean she says acting is hard on relationships, but she is still thrilled to be joining Peak Practice.

‘It’s not easy stepping into the shoes of a popular team. I hope the fans will like the new lineup.’

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