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The story of how we became…

About 20 years ago (!), it was the year 2000 and there was a tiny little pocket of Peak Practice fans who gathered mostly on Yahoo! Groups to talk about all things Cardale. Before social media was a thing, and boxsets, catch up and spoilers could only be dreamed of, if you didn’t watch an episode of your favourite show live then you weren’t watching it at all!

Having watched Peak Practice from the start I was thrilled to hear two of my favourite characters Will and Kate (played by Simon Shepherd and Shelagh Mcleod) would be returning to the show. However many of the new fans I spoke engaged with online had little idea about these characters and weren’t in a position, as we would be now, to quickly catch up on their back story before they returned to the show. So with the aim of providing the Peak Practice backstory to new fans, and allowing older fans to relive their favourite moments, I created Peak Practice Online.

There’s something incredibly nostalgic about Peak Practice and since the series was just rerun in it’s entirety on UKTV, many of those wonderful people who I would dissect every episode with, have also been caught up once again in the love we had for the show during that time.

I am incredibly proud to continue to honour this wonderful show. I was very fortunate at the time to visit the set, be included in ITV’s press pack, and goodness me we even hosted a petition to try and save our beloved show!

Whether you’re a long term fan, a new viewer or someone who was involved with the show at the time – I sincerely hope this website gives you as much nostalgia as it does me.

My Instagram page is where you’ll find the pictures and I will share as many little nuggets as I can via these blog posts. Please email me if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see here or any questions you may have. I have been inundated with questions since the reruns aired so I try and piece them all together on one post.

D x

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