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Not Waving But Drowning
Series 9 Episode 23

Baz invites Charlie to dinner with she and Peter - he says he'll think about it. They finally talk about the past and Baz says if she could turn the clocks back she would do things differently. Charlie says he can't just forget what happened, she says she doesn't want him to forget and tells him whether he likes it or not they were special. He remarks that they were obviously not 'special enough'. They resolve to be `just colleagues` but a peck on the cheek from Baz to Charlie is witnessed by Rachel and Kate, and later tension spreads when Baz shows Charlie up in front of everyone. After Rachel walks in on another confrontation, Charlie backs down when Baz promises to make him Lasagne.

Quote of the Episode

RACHEL: What happened?
KATE: She left him, I don't think he ever really got over it