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Duty of Care
Series 9 Episode 24

After finding out that dinner with Baz and Peter has turned into a dinner party, Charlie tells Baz he simply does not want to have dinner with she and Peter. She says she just wants them to be friends but Charlie isn't interested. During the shift a patient arrives with a bomb strapped to his back. His mother died on a hospital trolley and he wants answers - from Baz. She tries her best to defuse the situation but the patient lets the bomb go off inside the hospital. No-one is hurt but Baz is shaken. Worried about her, Charlie offers to take her home. On the way they stop at his flat and talk in his car. He asks her why she has come back to Holby after all this time. She says it was because of Peters job. Charlie then asks why she and Peter don't have children, she says that they can't have them. They go into Charlie's flat and politely chat about his decor before Baz says that she doesn't want to go home. She breaks down in tears, Charlie hugs her and as they break away they kiss, the credits roll and we wait for six months wondering what happened next........

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: I don't want to go home and I don't know what I want to do about that