Series 10 Episode 4 – On a Clear Day

Tom interviews nanny Leanne . She gets off to a bad start with her constant rambling and clumsiness. Tom later tells Carol and Alex that he just can’t seem to find the right person for Joe. Carol tells him he should follow his instincts, Tom says his instincts tell him that Joe needs his mother.

LEANNE: Do you think I talk too much? My mum says I do

Sam and Kerri have dinner with their friends Tess and Leo who are in there final stages of adopting young boy Owen. Tess and Leo have been trying to adopt since Leo became infertile after an accident that left him unable to walk. During the adoption process Tess becomes unwell herself and finds she is losing her vision. Sam performs some tests and they reveal that Tess has a progressive disease which will lead to her losing her eyesight completely. Tess and Leo worry that social services will not allow a them to adopt Owen due to their individual health problems. They ask Sam not to tell social services, but he feels her has no choice. Kerri asks Sam to give Tess and Leo time to tell Social Services themselves. After Leo tells Social Services about he and Tess’ problem they decide to take Owen away from them. However Sam tells Social Services that The Beeches will help out as much as they can and he asks them to let Tess and Leo adopt Owen.

Kate tells Kerri that she and Lucy had planned to meet up today. However Lucy didn’t show. Kerri tells Kate Lucy has divided loyalties at the moment but will come round in her own time. Kate is grateful for Kerri’s friendly words.

ANDREW: I’ve lost every woman whose ever been important to me
KATE: Well you won’t lose me

Alice bumps into Tom and a distressed Joe in the market place. Neither can get Joe to settle down. Leanne is passing and comes over to say hello. She sees Joe is crying and takes him in her arms. She calms him down by talking to him and Alice and Tom are impressed. Alice tells Tom he should hire Leanne as Joe’s nanny.

Tom calls Leanne and asks her to come to the house. He tells her he would like her to be Joe’s nanny. She happily accepts and makes her mark on the house by breaking the door handle as she leaves!

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