Series 3 Episode 4 – Losing Out

It’s the day of Isabel’s funeral. The residents of Cardale turn out in force to say their goodbyes and to support Beth. During the wake Jack is called out to an emergency. There has been a car accident and the female passenger, Amanda has gone into labour. Jack delivers the baby by the roadside but there is a complication; the baby has the cord caught around it’s neck. Jack follows Amanda and husband Mark to the hospital where the baby boy is put on a monitor, Jack explains this is because of the complication with the cord.

Jack returns home to find Beth sitting alone in the dark. She breaks down in tears when he hugs her and says she thought her job would somehow make her immune to death and its effects. She says that Isabels death has set her adrift. Jack does his best to comfort her but Beth is shattered.

BETH: I find myself wanting to talk to her about the day

At the hospital the doctors are concerned that the baby may have suffered brain damage before or during the birth. Mark decides that Jack must be to blame.

Jack receives a letter from Francine, an old friend with whom he did voluntary service in Africa. Laura tells him it’s something she has always thought of doing, Jack tells her she should.

Beth goes to Isabel’s house to sort out her things. Whilst going through her papers she finds a letter addressed to her. It’s from Isabel, telling Beth how she has watched her grow and that she thinks she knows her well enough to know what would make her happy. Isabel believes that Beth and Jack should start a family together. Beth is tearful as she reads the letter from her best friend.

ISABEL: It’s time to stop making excuses and start that family you so clearly desire

On Beths first day at work, Trevor receives an official complaint from the Cullens family solicitor. He asks Beth if she’d like to pass the case on to Will, she says no, she’s best qualified. Beth tells Jack about the complaint and asks him why he didn’t tell her about what happened at the accident scene. He said the complaint doesn’t illustrate what really happened and he didn’t tell her because it was the day of Isabels funeral.

Jack goes to see the Cullens. They tell him that their solicitor has told them they have a good case which is why they will be going ahead with the complaint. Word soon spreads and Jack finds himself the subject of local gossip. He asks Beth is she will look over his defense statement, she says she cant do that because of her position in the practice. Jack tells her that the community sickens him the way they have closed in against him during a crisis. He storms out and goes to meet Francine.

Francine tells Jack she is setting up some new clinics in Africa and she has the first one up and running in two months. She asks if he will go to Africa with her and help out, he says he cant do that as he’s married and tied down to the practice.

When Jack returns home Beth tells him she wants them to start a family. He says they should leave it a while so they can be sure it’s what they really want. She tells him that her hearts says now is the right time.

BETH: Isabel dying, it’s really made me realise what’s important in my life
JACK: Am I on the list?
BETH: I want to start a family Jack

During the hearing between Jack and the Cullen family the policewoman who was at the scene and Mark insist that Jack took longer then 20 seconds to unravel the cord. As she waits for news of proceedings, Beth receives a phone call from the hospital consultant. Beth interrupts the hearing and asks to speak to Amanda. She explains that the hospital has found that her baby has a disease of the brain that could have only been contracted through the mothers womb. It appears that Amanda caught an infection through Mark who was working on a farm during lambing season.

Despite the case being dropped Jack is still not happy with how the Cardale community seemed to turn their back on him. He tells Beth that Francine has asked him to go to Africa with her. Beth is upset that while she has been hurting for him over the hearing he’s been getting ready to cut and run. Jack says what has happened has made him cynical, Beth tells him not to dress it up – he’s just running away. Jack explains how he feels unwanted in Cardale, Beth assures him that’s not he case, he is wanted – by her.

JACK: This community turned its back on me Beth. At least in Africa I know I’m wanted
BETH: You’re wanted her, by me, please stay

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