Series 6 Episode 4 – The Good Son

David and Claire nervously await the results of the amniocentesis test. They decide that whatever the result they want to keep the baby. They tell Emma and Tom that Claire’s pregnant but Emma is not too thrilled about the news.

DAVID: I want this baby Claire
CLAIRE: I’m glad you said it first

Norman ropes Lee into distributing leaflets about the Chemist’s grand opening. The Beeches staff are concerned that they will lose patients if they can no longer collect medication from The Beeches. Erica thinks they should get in on the act.

Andrew asks Erica to move in with him, she says no. He tells her he really wants them to live together but she is adamant she wants her own place.

ANDREW: I want to wake up with you. I want to go to bed with you. Because you’re it for me

Andrew’s sister Chrissie keeps calling for him but he is ignoring her messages. Erica tells him he should ring them as something may be wrong. Andrew calls Chrissie. His mum has got cancer and Chrissie wants him to return to Liverpool, however Andrew’s mum is not so keen to have Andrew by her side.

David visits Norman and complains that Norman has broken the rules after prescribing a patient drugs. The man he sent away with treatment for waxy ears has a serious ear infection. David tells Norman he is disobeying the NHS rules.

David and Claire go to see Andrew – the test results are clear. The baby is healthy.

Andrew tells Erica he is going back to Liverpool to nurse his mum. She says he will keep his house warm by moving her stuff in. Andrew leaves Cardale and arrives back in Liverpool.

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